Your random thoughts for today…

23/08/2013 07:33

1. I just came across a photo of Power Rangers (ah, my childhood!).

What if you had a group of superheroes who really didn’t know who any of the others were?

How much would it turn the usual saving-the-world and learning-to-be-friends stuff on its head?

You’re anonymous, you’re heroic, you’re saving the world from the baddies – but the person who just saved your life could be the kid you bully at school, the local recluse that everyone makes fun of, the popular person who’s oh-so-superior.

How would it change you?

(Someone’s probably already done something like it, but it’s an interesting thought for me to ponder).

2. A comment from yesterday:

“I’m really not meant to be here. I was in a crash when I was 16, missing my spleen and all that. If it was five years earlier they wouldn’t have saved me. I struggle with that every day. I should have died. I’m not meant to be here.”