Writing update from nearly-Christmas-time

14/12/2013 16:13

So…I finished Nano, and then had a much-needed writing break. I’ve recently started again, and have picked up an old novel: Shadows.

I have been wanting to rewrite it for a little while (I had some very useful feedback), but obviously rewriting the entire thing is a rather big task. However, I randomly started thinking about it again, and it’s suddenly taken over my brain.


I want to keep the basic outline, but I’ve got three major objectives:

– make the city more real. I want to add placenames, maps, names. I need it to be sited in the reality of a city, even if it isn’t exactly an Earth city.

– develop some of my characters. Matt is one of my main characters, and I want to make him more central. I also want to develop Mike a lot more. I hate to confess it about one of my characters, but he’s boring…and he needs to be interesting. Hum ho.

– intertwine more of the plot events. At the moment, I feel as if it is very bitty, so I want to make everything interact with other events.


It’s all ongoing, but it’s interesting how things just come back into my head and suddenly sit there. Prepare for more snippets!


On a random Shadow-related note…I sometimes get characters taking over my head when I know they can’t possibly be doing that. I’ve just written 8000 words of a relationship that will never go into a book, but oh well. I enjoyed writing it.


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