Writing update: Empty Skies and other stories

So I did manage to get some writing done on Empty Skies – 3500 words! I’m down one full chapter and one incomplete one, so that leaves the same to finish. It was a slog but not as bad as I had expected, although I am now feeling a little burned out, so I’ve had to stop. But there is more hope in me that I’ll get the last two chapters done!

Toru felt her mind settle next to his, the Healer’s eyes looking out through his own. She saw things slightly differently, and it always astonished him whenever they did come together. He saw the wind movements, the forces behind them, the way the air flicked and curled from the tops of the waves…whereas his soul-bond showed him the colours, the movement and the grace, the subtle beauty and the ever-changing green of the skies. In the first few months of their bond, it had been terrifying and exhilarating – and he had never quite forgotten the horrifying vertigo he had felt when realising that other people truly did see the world differently. They were completely alone in their experiences, and it was only through this accident of fate that had let him understand one single person’s mind. He still wasn’t sure that he had grasped the full scale of that.

I’ve also been working on Golden Trust (working title) which is Book 8 in GreenSky. Have the opening…

Reyan! City of dreams! Gateway to the desert! The markets were filled with exotic spices and rare metals, the streets with a babble of tongues and scents, the palaces with exquisite treasures and beautiful people. In the depths of the city, complex machines belched out smoke and endless power, scholars examined the laws of the universe itself, and the powerful wove deals that changed the face of the entire world. Reyan was the jewel of Ziricon, filled with glory, wonder and riches.

Of course, Haller thought, none of that really mattered when you were sitting in the gutter.

Beyond that…I’ve got editing on Heights & Horizons to do, which I finished recently and has been to my beta-reader. It’s now going to one of my lovely editor-people and then will sit and wait for me to catch up with it in the series. I’m working on Book 6 and that’s my next really-need-to-get-on-with-it book when I’ve finished Empty Skies, so I can’t quite relax the GOTTA DO IT momentum yet!

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