Shadow Series

The Shadow series is provisionally finished, but don’t hold your breath for news – I’m on six rejections, so I’ve got a little way to go before I get my hundred and then become a fabulously best-selling author. The series is an urban fiction, focusing on the struggles of a vigilante group to reform their city against the underworld, gangs and the threat of a master assassin.

Shadows in the Light

Shadows in the Light is set in a city of rain and divisions, of gangs and politicians, of money, violence, poverty, fighters and survivors.

When Matt Barker, policeman and maverick, meets a skinny teenage girl named Eli in downtown, he enlists her help to form a new vigilante group: Shadow.

But their success against the downtown gangs brings them enemies: the gang leaders, after years of unrestricted activity, now find that they are being brought to justice more often than they would like. And Trader, the leader of the biggest gang, sends an unbeatable assassin after Shadow.

With the help of the Police, Eli is determined to destroy Trader. And that means beating his assassin, even though the fight threatens to destroy her relationships, friends and life in the process.

Ghosts in the Fog

Ghosts in the Fog is set two years after the events of Shadows in the Light.

Mike Wells, the now-retired assassin Panther, is in trouble. Framed for a murder that he did not commit, he leaves the city to find the person responsible. But the new Police Commander, Ian Owen, is in need a big success and refuses to believe that Mike isn’t the killer he wants. As events escalate the tension, Owen finds himself in over his head, and Mike finds that his old life may be one he can’t leave behind.

Paul Ridinton, former Police Commander, has retired. Bored of daytime TV, he persuades Eli to take him out into downtown, and slowly experiences her life as well as meeting many of her contacts. But as he learns more about downtown, his loyalty to the law and uptown is tested.

Eli Richardson, aka Houdini, is still working for the mysterious organisation known as Shadow, protecting downtown while trying to repair the damage caused by the gangs. Her hatred of Owen and protection of Mike leads to the whole of downtown being caught up in a new struggle, and Eli has to use every resource at her disposal to win through.