No Man’s Series

The No Man’s series is a set of urban fantasy novels, focusing more on the magical side of things than the standard werewolves-and-vampires; every novel is looking a little bit different as well. These are working titles at the moment, and the universe seems to be ever-expanding! I’ve got various short stories in the same world as well that are still in progress.

If you want a general introduction to the chaos and sarcasm that is Ghost, try Death Is But A Text Away in The Misbehaving Dead or The Serpent’s Waltz in Love ‘Em Shoot ‘Em.

No Man’s Land

The supernatural community has been decimated by a poison that causes magic loss, paranoia and madness. After killing those worst infected, the survivors band together and try to pick up the pieces of their shattered world, all the while watching each other for the warning signs of the poison’s spread.

And now something’s coming through the gateway between worlds. Anyone with magical talent has to pool their strength and hold the gate – and then deal with whatever comes through…

The apocalypse has already happened. This is what comes after.

(My unofficial summary for this is, “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you…”. It is Not A Nice Book!)

No Man’s Sky

When Arran steps through a gap in the air, he doesn’t know where he is, how he got there, or how to get back. His salvation may lie in Merry, a girl with at least three different versions of her self. Along with the East wind, they travel to strange markets, fairy castles and ancient seers to discover if getting home, or becoming whole, is worth the price asked…

Currently in progress; this is at beta-read and write-more-words stage!

No Man’s Stars

The invasion of Earth has happened, and the invaders repulsed; the conquest was long enough for  one of their servants to be kidnapped, and as the Earth recovers the question is what to do with her. In the company of cyborg Jack McDougall, Ella is sent out to the colony of Mercia, where her skills as an explorer can be put to use in the new development of world-hopping gateways. But the partnership is not smooth, and their explorations discover more than anyone had hoped – or feared.

This was my NaNo 2016 project, and is definitely in progress – it’s had five drafts and is still being considered, so it’s in a state of flux at the moment.

No Man’s Dawn

Dee is a lonely person, living in the shadow of her family and constantly nagged by a voice in her head that wants her dead. But when a vampire tries to kill her, she is suddenly thrust into a world she didn’t know existed; one of parties and faeries, computer games and magic, music and werewolves. She tastes freedom – and when she is recalled to her family home, she realises that maybe it’s not where she wants to be. But the choice is about to be made for her.


Short Stories

I tend to write short stories in answer to questions…

How did Ghost get her tattoo?Mapping Out The Future, published in You Are Here: Tales of Cartographic Wonders.

How did Ghost meet Nat?Set A Thief To Catch A Thief, not yet published.

What was the incident with the frickin’ dragon?The Serpent’s Waltz (aka. the story that started the whole thing!), published in Love ‘Em Shoot ‘Em.

What happened after the end of No Man’s Land?The Lady’s Vision, published in Pantheon: Janus.

I want more Ghost!Death Is But A Text Away, published in The Misbehaving Dead.

How did the Way-Tree come to be?The Way-Tree, not yet published.

How did Ghost and Luk meet? – well, there is a short story of that, but…let’s just say it’s NSFW. It might get published someday!

There’s also a short story of Luk and Levi, but you have to contact me directly for it as it’s more fanfic than something I can publish. I might put it on the blog someday.