Madcap Library

The Libraneer by Hannah BotmaAn imaginary Library, populated by random and strange characters – including the Libraneer, a pirate who rides a trolley through the silent shelves, stealing books as he goes; a sloth who works as a shelf duster but dreams of flying; Percy, neat and tidy and utterly efficient; Clio, an out-of-work goddess who inspires poets when not cataloguing books; Howard the Hoover, planning to take over the world just as soon as he’s got the Library clean and tidy; Joyce, hunter of rare books and fighter of political texts; the Emergency Librarian; the OOK Squad of Ninjas; and many more!

The SlothAt the moment I’m working on a series of children’s stories featuring the Sloth, who is my absolute favourite character. He’s a speed freak, bundle of trouble, happy grinner and eater of chocolate. We’ve got about seven stories so far and there are more ongoing!

Illustrations have been done by the wonderful Hannah Botma, who can be found at or on Facebook.