Writing & Series

My main series is the Green Sky series, a sparkpunk/magical fantasy. I’m also writing the No Man’s series, which dances between apocalyptic urban fantasy, sci-fi and faerie-land adventures. Shadows in the Light is an urban fiction series, focusing on a city and the struggle between vigilantes and the criminal world. And Madcap Library is a series of silly stories for children and adults, and everyone’s favourite character is the Sloth with a need for speed!

Other writing

I put short stories and scraps of writing on my Creative Writing page, and also under the “short story” tag.

Dresden RPG

I was part of a Dresden Files RPG group, and the world caught my imagination. I do quite a lot of writing with the characters and story – you can find snippets of it under the “Dresden” tag, and I also write quite a bit on the blog about it.

Star’s Back 

This is a children’s story about dragons, adventure, falling in love, romance and growing up. It all sounds thoroughly normal, which I suppose it is, but I’m enjoying writing it.

Isolation & Connections

A sci-fi, post-apocalyptic story set in a future earth; a world of dust and ruins. But the Space Elevator survives, just, along with a few scattered communities living underground. When Janny ventures out from her community’s bunker, both she and the inhabitants of the Elevator realise that the surface of the Earth may hold both secrets and answers. This was my NaNoWriMo story for November 2013.