Writing in Amsterdam – version 3!

I’m back in Amsterdam again for a long weekend, and aiming to spend some time writing in between wandering around canals, eating cheese and buying chocolate!

While – as usual – I have a pile of work to do and some private edits to read, I also want to get some writing done:

  • I still have Greensky number bloody 10 to finish…I am not feeling delightful, but I need to write it. So that has to happen.
  • A writing challenge: this time, it’s “home”. I’ve had a couple of writing challenges when I’ve been here previously – a soppy love story and a thriller (which didn’t work; I’m not cut out for thrillers) – so I’m going to be interested to see what comes of this one. As the challenger pointed out, it could be sentimental or could be a bit more objective…so we’ll see!
  • I’m starting a new Dresden story – it’s using a few different characters but seems to be taking shape so far, so we’ll see what happens with it.

Also, Badger seems to be happily writing their story, which is awesome – I’m really looking forward to seeing what ideas come out, even if it’s just snippets as I get things bounced off me.

May or may not manage a post for Monday – I’m due back pretty late!

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