Writing a pre-written story…part deux

02/07/2014 20:49

So, as you may or may not have gathered, I am involved in a Dresden RPG and have been writing updates for it. We finished the first case (we found whodunnit, but may have caused some chaos along the way) and have just started our second, and so I figured it was about time I wrote another update here…


It’s been really interesting to play. Essentially, the world is that of sorcery, Faeries, vampires and mafia, all dumped into Swindon. We’re characters within it: we’ve got a policeman, a reporter, a sorcerer, a pirate, and a hacker who’s also a werewolf, along with a very mysterious character called Smith, who won’t reveal his origins…

…and we’ve all been dropped straight into the middle of Swindon’s supernatural community, with a problem (aka murder) to solve. We have to work out what we want to do, talk to lots of people, and try to work out the best way to keep everyone happy without getting ourselves in too much trouble. As far as our sorcerer is concerned, he seems to be getting himself in more trouble than anyone else can get him into, but the rest of us are doing all right so far!

One of my original worries was using a pre-existing character, Dini Richardson from my Shadows series, as my character. I was concerned that she would get twisted and make it harder for me to write. I am pleased to say that she hasn’t warped – or rather, she has, but within the Dresden story itself. The character is growing within the world, and so far it hasn’t been a problem for me to transfer back to the original Dini within the Shadows world.

I admit that I have been getting into the story and the world. The Dresden Files are a series that I have read, and my knowledge of them has presented some difficulties already as I know a lot of things that my character shouldn’t. However, I’ve also wanted to expand my own history in the world, and with the GM’s help, I’ve been adding in backstory. It has the bonus that I can explain my knowledge, I can write stories about it (two so far), and having the backstory also add some more connections for the character, which give me some…interesting…play options. They haven’t all come into the story so far, but it’s going to get very fun when they do!


So, I haven’t done much ‘proper’ writing, but I have been doing other writing – I count that as a win!

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