What I’m reading: pre-BristolCon

I’m likely to find a whole stack of new authors and books at BristolCon, so I thought I’d do an update on my reading list before I get there! In the last few weeks, I’ve finished…

sandman slimSandman Slim by Richard Kadrey. Gritty revenge with a lot of fighting and a cast of demons, angels and all-round nasties. I enjoyed it!

copper_promiseThe Copper Promise by Jen Williams. Excellent fantasy; Wydrin is irreverant and wonderful, Sebastian is annoyingly heroic and brilliantly human, and Frith is an arrogant prat. The plot’s wonderful and I can’t wait to read the next one!

london_fallingLondon Falling by Paul Cornell. A police procedural that gets mixed into a supernatural witch-hunt; excellent writing, and if you like Morse/87th Precinct/Dresden you’ll love this.

I’ve also just finished Spark and Carousel by Jo Hall, which was excellent. And my other ‘homework’ reading is Dead Beat; I’m currently halfway through my notes on that!

I’m currently just starting Between Two Thorns by Emma Newman – several of my friends have read it and say it’s excellent, so I’m actually looking forward to my commutes this week.