What I’m listening to: Spring 2016

A random musical update from a nice spring day!

I got hold of a Steven Wilson album I’ve been wanting for a while; Hand Cannot Erase. I’m itching to try and work out piano music for the title track, but it might have to wait until my hands are obeying my brain *sighs* but I’ve also been recommended his latest album, so that’s gone on my list.

I finally got my signed copy of BT’s Electronic Opus, whee! I absolutely love love love this album; it was one of my go-to ones for writing over NaNoWriMo and Christmas. My favourite track is These Silent Hearts, but Skylarking is a close second. The boys have been working on a really nice sub and got it up and running over the weekend, and BT was one of the first things we tried. Wow-eee.

I’ve been waking up with Frank Turner in my head – mostly If I Ever Stray and The Way I Tend To Be. I have no idea why, but it could be worse!

I also spent a large chunk of NaNoWriMo writing to Mumford & Sons latest album, Wilder Mind. Ditmas is my favourite, but The Wolf and Wilder Mind are a very close second, and I think most of Golden Trust was written to Wilder Mind! The entire album is very good, even if it did take me a couple of listens to get used to their new style.

And finally, a random track on a random recommendation: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Soundtrack – A Phantom Pain.