About Me

My name’s Kate Coe. I’m a librarian with a background in classics and law, I live near Gloucester in an old pub with an engineer, a computer geek and a lazy cat, and I fill my spare time in between writing with web design, geeky cross-stitch and DIY (which may or may not involve destroying things).

I write fiction and fantasy, and do novels, novellas and short stories. My writing swings wildly depending on what is in my head at the time, and this has led to genres including crime/thriller, urban fantasy, steampunk-style fantasy, and a series of children’s stories based on a library that I used to work in.

Sleeping cat
Frankie’s working hard!

My favourite character is a sloth with a speed addiction, my best writing moment was when one of my characters fell in love and completely changed the plot, and I write because I can’t imagine not doing it – and it gets the voices out of my head for five minutes…

I have mild-to-moderate depression; I have good days and bad days (as with most mental health conditions) and I do sometimes blog about it, so if you have questions then feel free to ask me. I have occasional anxiety attacks – thankfully not too bad at the time of writing – and I also have hypoglycemia, so if you ever meet me and I’m looking shaky, feed me sugary tea. I will love you forever.


I’m a member of the Swindon FreeWriters, which meets on the first Saturday of each month in Swindon Town Centre – come and join us if you’re in the area!

You can contact me via various social media (see the sidebar), or at editor [at] writingandcoe.co.uk

I’m on AuthorShout as well!