Update on the GreenSky series: 2016/2017

I’ve got two updates:

The first is that Grimbold Books have (provisionally) taken the entire novella series, which is all ten books! I’m not making any promises on the novels yet as I need to write the wretched things…and the ‘provisionally’ is Sammy & Jo reading them and checking they’re actually any good. However, editing is underway on Salt Winds & Wandering.

And second is that I have a rough schedule for the next four books! High Flight & Flames, the sequel to Grey Stone & Steel, is scheduled for Summer 2016. Salt Winds & Wandering is Q3 2016, Empty Skies & Sunlight is Q4 2016, and Desert Sands & Silence is Q1 2017.

So, for anyone who’s got annoyed by the six-month wait between books, wait no more!