Two years old!

My first post was published on the 17th April 2013, so Writing&Coe is now officially two years old!

Looking back on the two years, it doesn’t seem like that much. I enjoy writing posts; I’ve managed to write one every month (mostly) and often once a week. Over the last year I’ve added information about my music and tried to put more scraps of writing up on the writing pages. I’ve released my book cover and tried to update everyone with how things are going, as well as provide some insights into my writing process. I’ve been spreading my wings with Dresden writing and extending Greensky, as well as continuing stories and random pieces

I think it’s been a pretty good year. And so…thank you, all of you, for reading my ramblings and scribbles and thoughts. I really appreciate having an audience (especially one as lovely as all of you are) and I’ll keep dumping things here for you to poke!

Now, please take this an excuse to go and eat cake.

Author: kate

Kate Coe is an editor, book reviewer and writer of fiction & fantasy. She writes the sparkpunk GreenSky series and blogs at When she's not working, she fills her spare time in between writing with web design, gaming, geeky cross-stitch and DIY (which may or may not involve destroying things). She also reads far fewer books that she would like to, but possibly more than she really has time for.

One thought on “Two years old!”

  1. First I have to go and bake cake ….then I will eat 🙂
    Great blogging for two years – its certainly gone by fast and you have done a huge lot in such a short time.
    I am looking forward to Green Sky series being published.


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