Things I have learned this week

I’m a sucker for punishment, but then I surprise myself! I picked up two more submissions that look interesting and then looked at my list and thought “why?!” – and then had an idea, sat down and wrote 2000 words for one of them. One less submission to worry about, I suppose.

The view from the top of Tennyson’s Down in the Isle of Wight is beautiful, but it’s even better when it doesn’t have a herd of cows and a herd of fascinated children up there. I just figured I’d have to go up there again sometime.

I’m not very good at taking writing compliments. One of my editor/proofreading friends, who tends to be very (and usually rightfully) critical of things, told me that I write “beautiful prose” – and I promptly turned into a red, blushing, giggling mess. #Katefail

I don’t do sunshine…I got burned on the very first day of my holiday! I did get less red over the week and am now a sort of brown-ish colour, but I don’t tan well (classic English Rose here). I’m just waiting until I go back to my usual white-ish colour!

I shouldn’t scare the normals. I managed to explain a conversation with Jon as “oh, we’re just talking about explosives”. I mean, this is pretty usual for us, but I forget that it isn’t for other people. On the slightly worrying side, it did prompt one of the listeners to suggest fertiliser as a good explosive. Thanks, I think?

The cats are bastards, and also adorable. How do they manage to be both at exactly the same time?

And not something I learned, but something I am happy about – I finished Heights & Horizons! It was my NaNo book for 2014, and has been in progress since; it’s finally finished at 40,000 words. It’s gone to my first reader and I just need to get books 5 and 6 finished now…