On things to help depression

I’ve been doing some little things for friends in the past week that are aimed at making them feel a little better; just providing a tiny lift when it’s needed.

sam's bag of mysteryThe first is Sam’s Bag Of Things For Bad, Grumpy Or Miserable Days. My housemate is an unashamed lover of stationery and I have some wrapping paper left over, along with some spare Christmas money. It’s also the sales. Soooo…I wrapped up a heap of things of various sizes and types, and put them in the bag. When he’s having a bad day, or a grumpy day, or a depressed day…there’s a present just waiting to be unwrapped in the bag!

The second is a present for my friend SquirrelMost humans have a habit of remembering the negatives and forgetting the positives, but depression does make this worse – and sometimes it’s really hard to just remember anything good. So this tiny notebook is for Squirrel to write in, and it’s intended to stop him forgetting the little moments, the smiles and the small successes. It’s for “things that you’re proud of, that make you smile or laugh – the moments that you want to keep, share and remember. Write the tiny steps and the huge leaps.” It’s something to be able to look back on when the cloud’s right overhead, and remember that there was sunshine.

And the third thing was something that I was given. My Grandma gave me a “Letters To Open When…” book, and it’s amazing! The pages are folded sheets of lined paper, folded up into an envelope, and there’s things like “Open when you need motivation” and “Open when you need courage”. She hasn’t actually written any of them; instead, she’s added notecards and bits of things, and sealed them all with a paperclip. I’m really looking forward to finding out what they all are and then writing them for myself, so I can get two uses of out of it. It’s such a thoughtful present.

I would also just like to share my favourite Christmas present, from the wonderful Kat Knits Stuff

I laughed so hard. I love it!


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