The Year of Hard Work: The Start of Summer

So, in the tradition of @Figures, I was doing a Year of Hard Work. I had my original PLN and my Easter update. How am I doing?

Empty Skies & Sunlight is finished! It’s had one major rewrite, two smaller ones and is now in the final editing stages. My next challenge is to get Bright Spark & Sunrise done – it’s currently on 10,000 words with a fair amount of plot sorted, so I think it’s do-able.

My short story count is going up; I’ve got one story accepted to an anthology (yay!) and another couple under consideration. Even if they don’t get accepted, I’m happy that I’m writing and sending things off! I’m still writing others as well, so they’re all in-progress. I’ve also got a short story to do as part of the Swindon FreeWriters Anthology, which is going to be fun.

And in other writing…thanks to my job, I have six weeks off starting next week! The first week is booked for house stuff (we have a mini-digger, mwahahaha) but for the other five, starting on the 27th June:

Five Weeks Of Writing.

I must be insane.

So, my plan. I’m not going to lay things out by week as I’ll need to mix everything up just to stay sane, but my targets are:

  • I need to finish Bright Spark & Sunrise; book 10 of the GreenSky series. There’s a secret project being built in Meton; a device that will change the spark system and the world. And Zack Rezian, soldier of fortune and politician’s messenger, has been hired to steal it. It’s a simple job; he’s only got to contend with a frustrated sleeper spy, a deadly archivist, his own political masters and the radical new Lord of Meton…and that’s before he’s even found out anything about the device he’s been hired to steal.
  • Shadows in the Light and Ghosts in the Fog, along with the third book, Hunter in the Dark. These are urban fiction with gangs, assassins, riots and vigilantes. I want these plotted and possibly start writing, although this might be a NaNoWriMo project.
  • Three GreenSky novels, provisionally titledRebellion, Revolution, and Reformation.” I just think of them as the Three R’s. They’re following the next generation of people in the GreenSky world, and it’s going to be epic. I’m trying to think of them as lots of interwoven novellas, partly so I don’t get bored and partly so I don’t panic (novels is long! and hard!) and I want them plotted at least by the end of the time.
  • The provisionally titled “Bluesky – thanks, housemate – which is an urban fantasy post-apocalyptic thing (catchy, I know). I’m really enjoying the characters in this as I’ve already written a short story with them, and I think – I hope! – it will make a novel at least. The first two chapters are written and the rest is vaguely planned; I’m hung up on my baddies at the moment, so that needs to be sorted.
  • The provisionally titled “No Man’s Sky, which is a sci-fi story. I have been wondering if it would fit into the same universe as Bluesky, so…hmmmm. But I want to do more plotting on it, as it is stand-alone, and I need to get my thoughts in order! And write the damn thing, of course.

Sooooo…I have eight novels and a novella ongoing for the five weeks, plus any short stories that I want to work on. I’m definitely insane!

This is going to be so much fun!

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