The Year of Hard Work: Progress Dec 2015

So, I had a PLN for my Year of Hard Work. And I’ve already managed to screw it – in a good way!

GreenSky to-doMy GreenSky to-do list, rather than having a lot of “write this” on it, now had “edit” and “format”. Thanks to NaNoWriMo, I’ve finished Books 8 & 9, am halfway through 6, and am planning 10. I’ve effectively hit the end of Summer 2016, and it’s only December 2015!

So, revised PLN:

By January 2016: finish Desert Sands, and have started Bright Spark. Ideally I’d like Bright Spark finished, but I’m not entirely convinced that’s going to happen.

By Easter 2016; finish Bright Spark and have the entire novella series ready to go for publication – or at least, my part done; the proofing is a seperate thing for me.

By Summer 2016: have a rough plot for the three novels of the second series (yes, yes, I know, it’s not catchy. I’ll put working titles in place soon) and have timelines for both the historical events and the novel plots finished.

I’ve already got a rough plan – I’ve got four strands of characters and themes; engineers, revolutionaries, artists, scientists. Mostly these are the characters; I’ve already got five major ones who descend from somewhere in the current GreenSky series, and I know others will turn up. The major issue with plotting this is going to be the world. It’s 10-20 years after the first GreenSky series, and the technology will have advanced. I hadn’t realised how much work I’ll have to do, but I’m now realising that I need to do some serious worldbuilding in addition to my plotting to make sure that everything has developed in a fairly realistic way. I’m currently investigating timeline software with the help of the wonderful Sam so that’s quite fun, if irritating. The Aeon demo has been vanishing things, so I’m a little wary about it, but we haven’t yet found another one that does multiple timelines and lets you download the data to work on it at multiple times. We’ll keep looking, though.

Essentially, by Summer 2016 I want to be ready to go with the novels – so in the same place that I wanted to be in November 2016. So I suppose I haven’t really changed the plan much; it’s just shifted up a few months! Can I do Half a Year of Hard Work instead?

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