The Year Of Hard Work: Easter 2016

What were my milestones at this point again? *scratches head*

Ok, so on my original plan, I wanted to have Desert Sands & Silence and Golden Trust & Treasure finished by Easter. I promptly screwed that plan with NaNoWriMo2015, so then I came up with a revised plan…I wanted Desert Sands & Silence finished by Easter, which has been done, but Bright Spark is still in-progress. The reason this has been minorly delayed is thanks to the Empty Skies & Sunlight rewrites that I’ve known were needed for a while. Unfortunately, it needed a complete re-work…

Novella to-do listSo, my revised schedule:

May/June 2016: get Empty Skies & Sunlight finished. This isn’t a self-imposed deadline – it’s the latest I can really get it to my editor. Ideally I want it done sooner, but I need to get off my ass and do it (a feeling I’m sure many people know…)

Summer 2016: Bright Spark finished, and the novella series ready to go. Ideally I’d also like the three novels plotted by this point as well, but I admit that might be a stretch goal; if nothing else, I’ll be doing that over the summer.

I also want to add a goal that I made to myself and can’t find on here if I ever did get round to saying: I’ve got one short story being published this year, so my goal was to have six accepted this year. It’s a definite longshot, but then I’ve got to have a few stupid goals amongst my achievable ones! I’m currently on 0, but I do have one under consideration and two in writing-progress for specific anthologies, so it’s definitely being worked at.

What about my other goals?

  • Finish or re-plot Shadows in the Light and Ghosts in the Fog; in progress! I’ve got a third book planned, too, and I’ve started laying out the chapters of the originals. My writing has changed so much over the past…oh dear, 14 years…that I am going to have to completely re-write Shadows and probably some of Ghosts. But it’s started! It’s happening!
  • I wanted to extend my online presence. Well, I’m up to 300 followers on Twitter (hi guys!) but then I do tend to be picky about who I follow. I’ve got my own author page on Facebook, I’m on Reddit (mostly as a lurker) and I’m trying to use Goodreads more (…and failing, I admit). So I’m working on it.
  • Swindon FreeWriters is only just getting going again after the winter; after the chaos of NaNoWriMo and Christmas, our first meeting is February and I think we’re all a little bewildered still…but the forums are up and running, I’m still doing writing prompts, and we’re going to kick into gear! @Figures, you’re up for motivation!
  • And Grimbold Books is still going strong – I’m helping with the submissions reading (SO MANY GOOD THINGS), assisting with editing and doing some web work as well. It’s been really interesting and I love doing it – which I think bodes well!

So there you go! It’s all sort of…happening. Ish. With a few stutters and additions, but then hey, they make it all the more fun.