The Reluctant Prophet: a review

The Reluctant ProphetThe Reluctant Prophet is a book that I highly recommend; a fantastic, page-turning read that has stuck in my head long after I’ve put it down.

There’s none so blind as she who can see . . . Esther is blessed, and cursed, with a rare gift: the ability to see the fates of those around her. But when she escapes her peasant upbringing to become a priestess of the Order, she begins to realise how valuable her ability is among the power-hungry nobility, and what they are willing to do to possess it.

Haunted by the dark man of her father’s warnings, and unable to see her own destiny, Esther is betrayed by those sworn to protect her. With eyes newly open to the harsh realities of her world, she embarks on a path that diverges from the plan the Gods have laid out. Now she must choose between sacrificing her own heart’s blood, and risking a future that will turn the lands against each other in bloody war.

The Reluctant Prophet is the story of one woman who holds the fate of the world in her hands, when all she wishes for is a glimpse of her own happiness.

The Reluctant Prophet is an emotional, hard-hitting and brilliant story. I really felt for Esther and her journey, and her struggle with her faith and her choices after the events she lives through. It’s a story that has stayed in my head after I finished; it’s a page-turner and a book that is absolutely amazing!

Also, I love the cover on this book! Isn’t it gorgeous?

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