The extension of the Green Sky Series

Have I updated you guys recently on what I want to do with the Green Sky Series? No? Hold on to your hats, then…

I have ten books in mind for the first series; the first three are being published by Grimbold and I’m going to write the rest anyway. I’ve just finished number five, six is my NaNo for 2015, seven is done, eight and nine are semi-planned and ten is going to be awesome because it’s politics and conspiracy and spying and FUN.

The second series I have planned is following the children from the original characters. I’ve got the first two books of that planned, but it might have to take a back seat…

I’m writing novels. Three, to be precise.

My best bad influence, my lovely friend Ella, has been giving me ideas. And the third series that I was going to write, following my children when they’re grown up, will work brilliantly as three novels. It’ll be politics and revolution, slavery and magic, technology and people – the world is changing around them, they’re fighting for what they want to happen, they’re changing their own world – and I spent a chunk of last weekend planning.

I’m committing to writing 70-100,000 words per book, which for me is mildly terrifying. However, I guess it’s just three novellas put into one, and if I make sure I plan it and lay it out properly (which I really want to) then it should be ok.

So…scary. But amazing!

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