The Discoverability Challenge: 6 months in

I did a post for Jo Hall over on how I’m getting on with the Discoverability Challenge. If you’ve been reading this blog at all over the past six months you might have spotted quite a few reviews with the “Discoverability Challenge” note on them…

My favourites are UprootedThe Long Way to a Small Angry Planet and The Stars Seem So Far Away. The series-I-couldn’t-stop-reading was a tie between Etiquette & Espionage (I went through the first three in a day) and 25 Ways To Kill A Werewolf (it turns out that badgering the publisher on Twitter will get you a review copy of the second one, which was very nice!) My least favourite of this list has to be Beyond The Veil, as I just couldn’t get into it, but I didn’t really do very well with Who Killed September Falls either – apparently predictable crime isn’t my reading style.

Trundle over and see how I’ve gotten on!