Thoughts on my week of writing

08/06/2014 20:58

As you may or may not have guessed by my fairly regular blog schedule, I’ve just had a week off. We were down in Devon, staying in a beautiful 18th century house with an Aga and gorgeous high ceilings; Jon took over the living room and came to the conclusion that daytime TV is abysmal (but he did have to watch quite a lot of Mythbusters, car shows, Mock The Week and bad films to make sure), and I parked myself by the Aga and wrote. And it was lovely!

I had some comments from my editor about Green Sky. Originally, I thought that they wouldn’t be too extensive, and would just need some inserts. In the end, I think I re-wrote about 10,000 words! Everything that she mentioned was “oh, of course!” – a meaner Toru, more of S’ian, making more of the quest, more political background – and it all fits in so well into the later books. So I re-wrote large chunks (even though the overall plot and themes are staying the same), and added about 5,000 words. I also skimmed over the next two books, but I didn’t feel that they needed anything adding. So…first three finished!

I did also do quite a lot of other writing *cough*porn*cough* which was a nice change of pace and a bit of a challenge from my normal stuff, so that was fun…


Several people have asked when I’ll be a full-time writer – actually, I correct myself. Several people have assumed that when I am published, when I earn enough to live off my writing, I will of course give up my day job and be a full-time writer. I have to admit that it raised my hackles a little. One, it’s incredibly hard to earn enough money to live off as a writer, and it will likely be many years before I do earn enough to live off. And second, I don’t think I’d want to give up my day job, whatever it may be at that point. I was starting to burn out by the end of the week of writing, and getting myself back into the headspace and back on task was harder and harder after the first few days. I think that I simply couldn’t be a full-time writer – I’d go absolutely batty and get no writing done! I need to have the interaction with other people; I need to have something else to focus on and let my brain work.

So while this week was absolutely amazing and I was grinning happily for pretty much all of it…I’ll stick with just the writing holidays, even when I do earn my millions!

The lizard Does Not Approve

22/11/2013 12:42

I am being watched.




It’s the movement. My fingers keep moving…they keep tapping. Shifting. Hmmmm.


Not sure what they’re up to. Keep an eye on them.


(She’s currently lounging in the sunshine on a sofa cushion, and keeping one very careful eye on me. I’m not entirely sure what the other eye is up to).

Edit: she’s now thoughtfully eyeing the floor… this is usually the point she gets put back in her tank, because otherwise she hides under the sofa, and it’s not very nice to have to drag her out by her tail. And yes, that has happened.