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Greensky (sort of) News…

Otter is reading Green Sky & Sparks.


Which, uh. Is great. Brilliant. It’s ok. Everything’s fine.



I mean, it’s really cool. And intimidating. And frankly terrifying.

(I suppose I should be grateful that there aren’t explicit sex scenes – at least, not in this series – and it’s not my mother reading it, so…)

Anyhow. It’s actually pretty awesome, as they really like it so far! I’ve got a private bet (well, ok, Otter probably knows about it by now) that they’ll immediately demand the next one, considering they seem to already have a stake in Catter & Toru getting together, so…

(Hey, at least I don’t kill anyone at the end of this book!)


So! It’s pretty exciting, and hopefully it’ll lead to my getting some mojo back to actually finish Book 10 and get Book 7 published – if only because Otter wants to read it!


Writing: Wizards & Work, Part 4

These are still entertaining me! They often need a moment to click; a phrase or comment, or a mannerism linked in to a fantasy setting. I’m really enjoying it when they do come to me. As usual, no offence intended to anyone who is inspiration, and definitely nothing implied; it’s often just the initial inspiration that I’ve borrowed, and then gone off in a completely different direction!

You can also read Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.


He has a way of looking at you; a sharp-eyed, sideways glance that takes in everything before he gives a friendly smile. In that red-hot moment, you’re never entirely sure what the judgement will be. Are you interesting enough for a longer look? Considered useful enough for a smile? Judged unimportant and politely dismissed?

Or is the smile that of a predator, approving of his prey?


The curse was subtle and vicious: it cursed the bearer to tiny bad luck, to those small twists of fate that wear down the hardest mountain with grey disappointment. It dulled his days to tedium, spiralled his thoughts into circles and worked every project into knots and snarls. The problem was that no one could figure out what he had done to earn such a costly revenge. He had no drama in his backstory, no offenses placed against his name; and that seemed the final jab of the curse – to not even deserve another’s carefully-crafted hate.


He preferred ‘adaptable’ over ‘slippery’; his pride in his ability to get things done was almost as strong as his stubbornness in staying his course. But it was rare that he was taken aback; he even went so far as to blink.

“I don’t think anyone’s ever offered…help…before.”

The small elf blinked in turn. “It’s called being nice.”

“Yes. Well. That’s not something I’m very good at.” But the tall, imposing necromancer managed something approaching a smile, creasing his face into new lines. Nice… it would need some practise, but this new plan might just work.


He was a true Knight in Shining Armour; one that blinded the vision when he appeared, glowing and explosive, inspiring and righteous. Around him, faces would shine and bodies would bow. And when he approached, for a moment everything would be perfect; ideas would flow, projects would work, twists would unsnarl. For a moment, the world was good.

And then he would be summoned away, sweeping off to the next perfect moment, and we would be left in the grey, shattered ruins of our normality.


He is friendly, smiling, affable, cheery; always up for a conversation, or a chat and always open to suggestions or ideas. But sometimes, mid-conversation, you’ll see his eyelids flicker for a few seconds – almost as if a thought has been stopped, or a plan redirected.

“I heard he was one of the supreme evil overlords,” kitchen gossip tells me. “Rehabilitated, of course. That’s the therapy kicking in whenever he gets ideas.”

“But we were only talking about cute bunnies…”

“Well, you can make anything evil.”

My TBR pile: April 2019

When I last checked in Winter 2018, I had quite a large TBR pile. And, uh, it hasn’t really got any smaller! Work isn’t helping: 13 manuscripts and counting on the slush pile, plus four personal reads (aka. friends have asked me, and I want to do a decent editorial read!) – the perils of being a speed reader are many…and include a towering submissions stack.

I either gave up on or didn’t like If Cats Disappeared from the World (too much navel-gazing and not enough cats), Your Favourite Band Cannot Save You, Vanished Kingdoms (requiring too much in-depth knowledge of specific points in history and frankly very dull despite the interesting subject matter), The Corpse-Rat King (just didn’t get on with it), The Man In The High Castle (weird but I liked it), and I think I’m going to have to give up on Broad Knowledge & Choose Wisely, because frankly they just aren’t for me. I did also read Andy Weir’s Artemis, which frankly I disliked, but I don’t have time for in-depth literary critique so just moved on – which is a shame as I loved The Martian, but there you go.

I finally finished This Savage Song (review coming soon) and started both Everless and The Court of Broken Knives; I’m still reading The Tethered Mage and Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell. I’ve also added Thornbound from Stephanie Burgis, which is the sequel to Snowspelled, and Not For Use In Navigation by Iona Datt Sharma (who did Sing For The Coming Of The Longest Night). I’ve also added Zen Cho’s Sorcerer To The Crown,  but I’ve actually been pretty good apart from that!

Always happy to have recommendations, even if they might end up near the bottom of the pile… and always happy if anyone wants to give me some more reading time!