Empty skies: 13,000 words

21/01/2014 19:46

Why do I always write the ends of books first?!




Have I given you the beginning? If not, here it is:


“You’re going away?”

Anoé nodded, holding the gaze of the bright eyes before her. “Another assignment, on Tao. You…understand, don’t you?”

The child nodded. But she wasn’t a child anymore, Anoé corrected herself. Her daughter was growing up. “How long do you think it will be?”

“I don’t really know.” Anoé sat down on the bed in her daughter’s room, swinging her pack onto the floor. “The only thing Kahi could tell me is that a lot of people have been going missing. It could take months to trace them all individually if there isn’t a common cause.”

“You think there is a common cause.” Jess said, her forehead furrowing. Anoé hesitated, but Jess beat her to it. “It sounds like lots of murders.”

“I forget how much you learn.” Anoé said candidly. “Yes, it does rather. But I don’t want to set my thinking in stone. I’m going to take a few days to investigate, and then see how I want to continue.”

“Couldn’t they have sent someone else?” And that was her daughter talking, rather than the apprentice Dirr. “You’ve only just got back from the desert.”

“That was personal.” Anoé said gently. “It didn’t count as an assignment.”

“But the Archivist was an assignment before. Doesn’t it just continue?”

Anoé shook her head, and stood up again. “Unfortunately not. I would have taken you with me, Jess, but the Singers are not to be faced if you don’t have to.”

Jess nodded. “I’m going to practise every day so I get better at fighting.”

Anoé didn’t have to bend far to kiss her daughter’s cheek. “I’ll challenge you when I get back, then.”

“I’ll beat you!” her daughter said with a beaming smile.

“You’ll try to.” Anoé told her with a laugh.

Salt Winds: improved

06/01/2014 21:22

Just wrote 10000 words in an afternoon. I was walking back from the gym, had an idea, and…boom.


I haven’t really gone into depth about how magic works in the Green Sky series. It isn’t really relevant, and to be honest, it annoys the f*** out of me when writers spend a stack of time describing things like that. It works, somehow, now get on with the story!

But I started thinking “what if…” (which is always a bad idea, or at least it is for my wordcount). What if a Mage who does a lot of sailing, and gets to know the winds…would they be able to somehow use magic in a different element to the one they are used to? If a fire mage did a lot of sailing, what would happen if they suddenly found they had some slight wind talent?

And then thought, well, one of my other characters does exactly that. She approached it from a different direction, but she does the same thing. Yay, I get to bring other characters back!

I also developed one of my other characters. I didn’t really have an image of her in my mind, but she has now turned into a slightly Tauriel-figure – quick-tempered, but with an extra dose of proud and icy, and slightly less Elf-mystery. She’s quite fun to write, but the major challenge has been cutting off any suggestions of a love story. I think writing a platonic friendship is actually harder than writing a love story!

Anyway, all this probably made no sense whatsoever to anyone, but I didn’t sleep well last night and I suspect my brain is currently paying the price. Ho hum!