Out and About in London: The Clarke Awards

So my colleague David and I trundled off to London on Wednesday to go to the Arthur C Clarke Awards – not through any particular professional reason (as no Rebellion books had been nominated this year *already making the pile for next year*) but just to network.

We met Penny from Angry Robot for a drink and dinner first (Chinese at Wong Kei, which was David’s recommendation but I’d heard of, and it was indeed very good!) and then trundled over to Foyles for an interesting (and fairly short) ceremony, followed by a lot of chatter. I’m very grateful that I’ve got social spoons at the moment – I met so many people and already knew a few of them, but I’m hoping that now I’ve met a lot more, I’ll know their faces when we meet again! *crosses fingers* I did have to run away early – well, relatively early – as I was definitely out of the spoons needed for a pub visit, so I left David to his clubbing and trawled home through the railworks.

I have to admit, fairly shamefully, that I hadn’t read any of the shortlist this year; they’ve promptly all gone on my reading pile! The winner, Dreams Before The Start of Time, certainly sounds interesting.

So – fun, if spoon-heavy, but I did meet a lot of interesting people! (And had a half-hour discussion on Columbo. Writers have very random interests!)