Feedback and progress

A wonderful friend of mine read the first three Greensky books when she visited me during the week. It was both nerve-wracking and wonderful – she went through them so fast! But she was squeaking while reading – I got “I ship them!” and “ahhhh they got together!” and “spotted another one!” and “their bond is SO weird!”…I was just sitting and laughing, because it was so wonderful to hear the comments that usually I wouldn’t get! She liked it, which is brilliant, and I was so proud and pleased. It’s the best feeling when someone likes a story and characters and world that you love – and Toru’s her favourite, which is wonderful as he’s mine too 🙂

It’s also lovely to be able to talk about the future of a series with someone – and to have “I want to see more of…” and “Are we going to see…” comments, then be able to say “Well yes, in the next book!”. It’s nice to know that I have looked at things that people want to read, and that the stories I’m telling are ones that people want to know about! So that’s wonderful too.

And the progress is on Madcap Library, of all things – although I really need to separate it, as technically it’s the Sloth. A publisher’s been interested in the Sloth as a stand-alone, and Hannah and I sent over some stories and sketches. Our contact wants to see the story with the Sloth as a stand-alone character (probably with Matilda as well, though), and so I’ve got to amend that and then let Hannah do some sketches. So that’s really exciting!