Music: solo singing, backing tracks and singing along

I’ve never done karaoke. It’s something I wondered about doing, but either I’ve never quite had the courage or we picked something else (an awesome game of Laser Tag, last time). And I’m now picking up a problem that probably would have been highlighted if I had ever done karaoke…

One of the tracks I’ve been passed by Jay is Not Over Til We Say So by Blue Stahli. It’s a pretty cool piece of music, even if the vocals aren’t that demanding (not that I’m complaining!) and the guitar is awesome as always. But there’s two versions available to buy; a full version, and an instrumental-only.

Trying to sing to the instrumental-only really screwed me up.

I’m used to either singing to the full song, which means that even if it’s on low volume the vocals are still there, or solo, which means that I’ve got the music in my head. Having the background music but no vocal melody made me falter, swear, go off-key every second note and then throw my hands in the air and re-start the damn thing five times until I got the hang of it.

It’s weird.

But…it’s something I need to learn to do. Unfortunately – fortunately? – I have a very melody-based mind. It means that can I pick up a tune from hearing it and recognise wrong notes, but it also means I suck at harmonies because I get easily distracted by other tunes. Singing solo, fine, I’ve got no distractions. Singing with the song, fine, I have the tune. Singing with an accompaniment but no melody…hard.

I’m learning to do it, though – partly at singing lessons with the piano, and partly at home with my instrumental backing tunes. But it’s definitely providing a bit of extra fun!