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5 Happy Things: December 2017

Mid-December, so we haven’t yet reached Christmas – which tends to be a mix of STRESS ALL THE STRESS and Actually This Is Quite Nice for me, so probably wouldn’t make the list anyway…

1.My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. It’s ridiculous, saccharine and completely twee, and it made me laugh so much. It was one of Ryan’s favourite shows and I really wish I’d got to watch it with him, but it’s been fun anyway. I’m only a few episodes in but it will be continuing this week!

2.In the same spirit, friends! I’ve been sending Christmas cards out and trying to interact more with my online friends, and also seen more of my friends in Swindon (we went to see The Last Jedi, which was 50/50 good and ok in my opinion – it set off my editor and cliche alarms but it was a good film) and even though it’s still a struggle sometimes, it’s good to have people around.

3.Decorating! I haven’t really done major decorating for a while, so when my parents went away for a week, I hauled the boxes out of the loft and went to town. They came back to some actually quite tasteful decoration (we live in a beautiful 19th century red-brick house, so it doesn’t really suit flashing lights and blow-up snowmen) and even my father was complimentary. It was really fun to do, too – although I have left the tree for my sister to decorate, otherwise I don’t think she’d forgive me!

4.My Grandma. I’d always thought the expression, “Waking up with a smile” was exaggerated, but she does! I take her in a cup of tea in the morning, and I always get a beaming smile as she wakes. In many ways I envy her; I can’t imagine being that happy and carefree, and she just ambles on through life in complete acceptance of everything – she’s in good health but her short-term memory is starting to fail, but she doesn’t let it bother her. It’s humbling and inspiring, and I’m really valuing the time I’m getting to spend with her – even if our conversations do consist of the same four questions in different orders…

5.Writing! I’m still working on The Necromancer’s Charm, trying to get the damn voice right. Adrian has given me some pointers, so I’m going to see how I do with those…

That’s it for December so far – I hope you are all starting your slide into jolly, mistletoe and holly, and…other things ending in olly…

A brief hiatus

I broke.

I was hoping to get to the end of the next two weeks; finish at my current job, have a trip to Croatia for a couple of days, move house, then catch up on the stress from the last few months. Unfortunately there’s been a couple of additional stresses recently, and it’s all just got too much.  I’ve been trying to do one step at a time, and there’s too many steps, and I’ve run out of energy to keep fighting.

I’ll be able to start up again, I’m going to keep going – just I need some time to get up out of my hole first. I’m going to take a couple of days to just relax and let everything hit, and then I’ll start dealing with it.

I’m going to try to keep posting on here (because it’s a nice schedule, and I can write what I want, damnit!) but I might not be around on social media as much. I’m ok, I’m just Hermit’ing for a bit, as one of my friends says. Hopefully I’ll shortly be back to Human’ing. I can’t promise Adult’ing, because that’s just scary, but it’s something to aim towards!

Internet hugs to everyone as well – the season’s changing, the world’s shit and life is pretty stressful right now. Remember to take care of yourselves!


Happy Things: August 2017

Well, at least the things I’m holding on to at the moment. I’m up and down quite a lot with some big changes and scary things coming along, so I’m trying to focus on the small stuff, just to keep level.

1.I had a lovely time in Amsterdam. My travelling companion and I just chilled out, walked around, ate burgers, sat in a converted library, read books (well, audiobooks in his case), watched the bats and the parrots…it was a really nice week in a very relaxed city.

2.I’ve learned things, yay! I’m struggling with feeling like I’m failing at everything at the moment, and that I’ve lost or given up on so much…so I’m trying to hold on to this.

3.Trello – I’ve started boards for my writing, editing work, general organisation…it’s only good for certain types of organisation (ie. not in-depth tasks) but I quite like it, and if nothing else it lets me see what’s on my lists to do. I do still have post-it notes on my computer and a colourful notepad for day-to-day things.

4.I want to bake more – and a friend sent me this. GET IN MY FACE.

5. Have I said that I love this? Because I do. Walk the Moon, Shut Up And Dance. I may have been editing while bopping along to it!


A crafty update: July 2017

I finished my latest sampler! It’s the dinosaurs and superheroes one for Logan, and I’m just in time – he’ll be two in August. It was great fun to do!




And I have sort-of finished Totoro. I wanted to do a full background: I don’t like the purple now and I’ve gained some bits of green that I’d much rather use, but I don’t really want to unpick and as he’s now off to a new (temporary) home along with a laptop, I’m just glad to have finished his belly.

Also, have some bonus (badly taken) cat pictures. I recently moved bedrooms, and he seems to be insistent on making the room his…


Happy Things: The start of June 2017

I have to do this, because the world is getting overwhelming, and I’m struggling badly. I need to focus on the positives and the good, and need to remind myself there is some out there!

    • Moana. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I’ve watched it three times and have been singing the soundtrack pretty much endlessly. My most freakin’ irritating and annoying friend keeps texting me lines and THEN I HAVE THAT SONG AS A DAMN EARWORM and it’s the. Best. Thing. Ever.

  • It’s a small thing, but Cadbury’s Marvellous Creations chocolate. I love the jelly bits. I probably shouldn’t eat as much of it as I do, but it’s the best when I’m feeling down! (Also, Ben&Jerry’s Peanut Butter. WIN.)
  • I’m still really really appreciating my friends. Everyone’s been wonderful, and I’m grateful for the normality they’re giving me – whether it’s watching Moana for the third time or tearing a story to pieces and then putting it back together, you’re all wonderful.
  • Clouds. I’ve been walking to work and watching the clouds over Stroud hills, and the sunsets recently have been lovely! I think it’s the mix of sunny days and rainstorms that has meant a nice change from overarching grey.
  • The cat. He might be a complete bastard and wakes me up at 2.30am because he’s forgotten where his food bowl is, but he’s also been curling up next to me at night and greeting me at the front door each evening. He is a git, but he’s also a cute panther who shrunk in the wash!

(Pssst – I now have an extra button over on the sidebar! I don’t have the energy for a Patreon or anything like that – you’ll just have to cope with blog updates – but if you’d like to show support, or keep me sane, there’s a little button there for you to buy me coffee. I may spend it on tea, because I’m a rebel like that.)