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Going Reusable

We started all of this before the current chaos, so I’m not sure how helpful any of it is now that we’re in lockdown and all the delivery companies are overwhelmed… but I guess it’s worth being aware of?

Happy milk bottle

Firstly, food; we get milk (and eggs, when there are eggs) delivered from Milk&More, who are local to Oxford. We also get a veg box every other week from Abel & Cole, but I know that Riverford Organics also deliver, and there’s an Oxford-based company called Ten Mile? I think? I keep meaning to ask my colleague about them…

We’re also signed up to the new Club Zero with Abel & Cole; they do reusable, refillable tubs of things! It got a bit derailed by the crisis but they were doing pasta and porridge, with other lines coming.

Bread is coming from Natural Bread;  meat from Eadles, who are now doing home delivery. Beyond that, we’re keeping an eye out for options! (I can’t drink at the moment otherwise I’d totally be getting things from the Tap Social, too… just sayin’ for anyone who is drinking! Follow their Facebook for updates.)

Who gives a crap - coloured packaging on toilet rolls

On the health side, Who Gives A Crap? do bulk loo roll and tissues, in recyclable packaging with amusing slogans (yes, it’s the small things that amuse me!) For toothbrushes, we’re trying Brush Hub, who use bamboo so the handles are compostable and recyclable bristles, and send you new brushes every month. And Tink is doing lovely handmade face wipes that are washable – based in Bristol, but she’ll post to the UK. She’s also doing face masks at the moment (not virus-proof, but useful for other things!)

Kitchen-wise, we do a vegetable waste recycling bin, and we’ve also got a compost bin. We’ve just started Smol washing liquid as well, and I’m on the lookout for a dish soap. For Bobble’s food, we’re looking into getting a terracycle bank set up locally – and my neighbour sneakily sends their packages to Enval!

Other suggestions welcome… although I appreciate that the current crisis isn’t the best time to be trying new things!

Going back to things is scary…

The really satisfying days start with a punch to the face.

Not usually my face – although there have been exceptions – but there is something very satisfying about kicking someone else’s butt. Literally.

I’ve found myself, over the past few months, thinking of bits in No Man’s Land and the associated writing I was doing. Sentences keep coming back, and I keep thinking of parts I loved. I wonder about dipping in again, or find myself explaining bits and jokes and snark to Otter. It’s sort of bubbling back to the surface…

[Crib notes: modern urban fantasy with two magical people, who are incidentally exes and also incidentally hate each other, trying to save the world. The slight spanner in the works is that everyone might be going mad. It’s fun.]

I paused on NML because I’d had feedback that the first third needed to be better integrated – and they’re right. The danger needs to start sooner, and it can – that’s fairly easy to do, in plot terms.

But when I got that feedback, I was deep in burnout. I knew what I needed to do and I could see the shape of that, but when I started writing it just… didn’t come. Went flat. It was all words and no characters, no emotions, no flow.

I reluctantly put it aside when life went to hell, and promised myself I’d go back to it. And that fact it’s bubbling to the surface suggests that I should.

But I am scared.

I know that diving back in is going to bring back a lot of memories and emotions; I tend to write with a word cloud mixed with music mixed with emotions, and every book has a different one – so bringing that back again is going to hurt. The book was written at a very different time in my life, so that’s going to have memories; it has a lot of people and associations that are going to be hard to process.

And simply in writing terms, too, I’m going to have to dig back in. I’m going to have to figure out how to work it. I’m going to have to remember a whole bunch of stuff and backstory and details and then figure out how to change it.

But… diving back in might be good. I’ve had a break, and levelled up as an editor, so looking at this with fresh eyes will be good for it and for me.

It’s just going to hurt. And I’ve had so many hurts of the past few years that I don’t really want to face another one – it’s going to require a lot of falling down and getting up again, and I’m going to be falling on already-bruised knees, if that makes sense.

Hey ho.

Well, no one ever said the writing life was easy.