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5 Happy Things: December 2017

Mid-December, so we haven’t yet reached Christmas – which tends to be a mix of STRESS ALL THE STRESS and Actually This Is Quite Nice for me, so probably wouldn’t make the list anyway…

1.My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. It’s ridiculous, saccharine and completely twee, and it made me laugh so much. It was one of Ryan’s favourite shows and I really wish I’d got to watch it with him, but it’s been fun anyway. I’m only a few episodes in but it will be continuing this week!

2.In the same spirit, friends! I’ve been sending Christmas cards out and trying to interact more with my online friends, and also seen more of my friends in Swindon (we went to see The Last Jedi, which was 50/50 good and ok in my opinion – it set off my editor and cliche alarms but it was a good film) and even though it’s still a struggle sometimes, it’s good to have people around.

3.Decorating! I haven’t really done major decorating for a while, so when my parents went away for a week, I hauled the boxes out of the loft and went to town. They came back to some actually quite tasteful decoration (we live in a beautiful 19th century red-brick house, so it doesn’t really suit flashing lights and blow-up snowmen) and even my father was complimentary. It was really fun to do, too – although I have left the tree for my sister to decorate, otherwise I don’t think she’d forgive me!

4.My Grandma. I’d always thought the expression, “Waking up with a smile” was exaggerated, but she does! I take her in a cup of tea in the morning, and I always get a beaming smile as she wakes. In many ways I envy her; I can’t imagine being that happy and carefree, and she just ambles on through life in complete acceptance of everything – she’s in good health but her short-term memory is starting to fail, but she doesn’t let it bother her. It’s humbling and inspiring, and I’m really valuing the time I’m getting to spend with her – even if our conversations do consist of the same four questions in different orders…

5.Writing! I’m still working on The Necromancer’s Charm, trying to get the damn voice right. Adrian has given me some pointers, so I’m going to see how I do with those…

That’s it for December so far – I hope you are all starting your slide into jolly, mistletoe and holly, and…other things ending in olly…

Depression, Writing and Week 1 of NaNoWriMo

An update from Day 7…I’m somewhere around 17,000 words, of which about 10,000 were the first day.

Depression is absolutely crippling me at the moment.

This is why I don’t usually try to force writing; every word is like pulling teeth. My head’s full of grey fog, and the story. Just. Will. Not. Come. It won’t flow. The characters are flat, the scenery isn’t there so I can’t describe it, and everything’s just one damn event after another. I don’t care about this story.

And frankly, that sucks. I know I can, and I want to. I loved the story when I was planning, but currently, I’m just not doing it justice. It’s frickin’ difficult to push through the fog long enough to write a couple of sentences, just so I can put something in my wordcount.

I’m taking it day by day – as some days are better, some worse – but I seem to have had a run of bad ones recently. I’m hoping that for one day, the fog might lift and I might be able to write again…

Just struggling at the moment. One step at a time, one day at a time, one sentence at a time. That’s all I can do.

General Update & The Start of NaNo2017!

Somehow, I got to November, and I have to write wurds…

Photo of (most of) the Grimmie Crew by the amazing Tom Parker.

BristolCon 2017 was fab. I was manning the Grimbold stall for most of the day, assisted by a lot of glamorous assistants – the Grimbold crew are amazing! – and chatted to what felt like everyone. I was on the 10am panel about You Are The Product, which was also fab (and not long enough! We could have talked for the entire day…) and then unfortunately didn’t get to any others, but I heard a lot of people say they were really interesting.

I picked up some books, too – The Court of Broken Knives by Anna Smith-Spark, The Corpse-Rat King by Lee Battersby, The Rise of Io by Wesley Chu and a random copy of The Road to Thule by David R Lee, which from a cursory glance I admit may go in my charity pile (I didn’t buy it, it was randomly in our stock! I suspect from a previous convention freebie table). But hey, I’ll try it, and I’m definitely looking forward to the others.

I’m wondering if I should spend some of December catching up on my reading, and sorting out my Goodreads…I have an entire shelf of books that I haven’t yet got to, along with quite a few on my Kindle! We’ll see how this month goes.

Speaking of…

NANO2017! I am writing words! I am aiming for 70k so my aim is 2300(ish) per day. Whether I’ll manage that or not remains to be seen. At any rate, I’m enjoying the story so far.

You can find me on the NaNoWriMo site, and there’s still time to join in if the idea of writing a novel in 30 days intrigues you!

In more general news, I have good days and bad days, and I’m not entirely coping with people (as in panic-attack-not-coping-with-people) so if I’m a little quiet, that’s why! I am trying to keep in contact though so I am still online and messaging. Book Polishers is still awesome so I’m just trundling along with work there, trying to get out for some lovely autumn walks, and trying to keep busy. Not that keeping busy is going to be an issue this month!

Now, I need to go write some words….wish me luck!