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Desert Sands & Silence: release date & pre-order!

Moel is a runner, a desert inhabitant who makes her living carrying messages across the sun-baked plains, content in her silence. But when a group of engineers from Meton are caught in a rockslide, politics abruptly brings Moel into the world again, and she meets others who have been pulled back to their pasts by Ziricon’s desire to gain the power of spark without the costs.

Desert Sands & Silence will be released on the 4th May! And you can pre-order it already – don’t worry if you don’t do it now, I’m going to keep jogging your memory *evil grin*

Desert Sands cover


Greensky Writing: Obak and Iilde

A random piece of writing that I’m not sure I’m going to use for anything…although it might develop into a longer story! This is a continuation on from Salt Winds & Wandering, so potential spoilers if you haven’t read it. If you haven’t, then it is stand-alone, and it’s only novella length!

Obak lay in his swaying bunk, listening to the waves against the hull of the Gull. The storm had passed over an hour ago, and they were now in the lull that always came after the winds had battered their fury out against the waves and the small ship that bobbed on them. He knew Henyrich was up at the tiller along with Karin, and Iilde was in her bunk for some much-needed sleep, and so he could lie here staring up at the low ceiling above him.

But he wasn’t seeing the wood. He was seeing the stars that he knew were overhead, probably half-hidden by clouds. The pinpricks of light against the dark sky, turning slowly around the world, guiding them across the oceans…

He absently wondered how Catter Jeck was faring, in the now far-off city of Meton, half an ocean away from the Gull. He was in the middle of another study of the ancient city of Treloolir, and his last mail packet to Obak had been full of drawings of the carvings on the-



And Obak swung his legs over the side of the bunk, tangling the sheets in his haste to find a robe and spill the news of his realisation to his partner. “Iilde! Iilde!”


Mage Iilde, 3rd level Water, did not enjoy being woken at the best of times. She wasn’t a morning person, and as they often sailed overnight, ‘morning’ meant the end of any sleep cycle. It would be fair to say that Iilde wasn’t an anytime-of-day-if-you’d-just-woken-her-up person.

She lifted her head from the pillow blearily as Obak stuck his head through the small hatch leading into her bunk-room. “What broke?”

“Nothing! The stars, Iilde. Catter’s carvings. They’re stars.”

Iilde stared at him for a long moment, taking in her partner’s wide smile and bright eyes, his tousled hair, his baggy shirt barely covering his hips. And then she sighed and flopped her head back down on the pillow. “You’re not going to let me sleep, are you…what’s stars, Obak?”

The Mage sat down on the end of her bunk, flipping through something. Iilde sighed again. “You can’t even see! Put the light on!”

The spark-light lit the tiny wood-panelled room in brightness, and Obak thrust a sheet at her. “Look. The drawings they did of the patterns…Catter didn’t know what they meant, but they’re stars.”

“So what?”

“It means they had a reason to use them!”

The woman rubbed her eyes. “So what?”

Obak rolled his eyes.

Iilde squinted at the drawing. “They don’t look right.”

The Mage glanced down. “That…half? That does.”

“But that one’s not anything,” Iilde said.

“But this is!” Obak almost smudged the drawing in his excitement. “I know I’m right, Iilde. They’re stars! They’re a map of the skies. That’s what the ancient cities had on their walls. This is going to be huge!”

“Obak,” his sailing partner said slowly and patiently, “we’re in the middle of the ocean. We’ve got no way to contact anyone until we’re back at the coastline, whenever we finish this latest survey. It’s exciting, yes, but it can most definitely wait. Just….let me sleep, would you?”

The C-word! And PRESENTS!

I can say Christmas now, right? *looks around* it snowed yesterday, the market stalls are selling robin-themed tat, everyone’s buying presents, and it’s officially the 1st…yay! Not that it helps with the month of Christmas music the shops have been subjecting everyone to, but there you go. I think earplugs are the way forward there.

Anyway, PRESENTS! GIVEAWAY TIME! I’ve got a set of signed Greensky novellas (1 through 5) to give away – this is going to run until midday (GMT) on the 8th Dec, and I’ll post them anywhere in the world. Get yer Christmas presents here!

Green Sky novella covers
I’ll publish the winner on the 8th after the giveaway finishes, and send the books off asap after that – I don’t mind sending them to the winner or somewhere else, it’s up to you. It’s CHRISTMAS TIME!

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New Writing: The Bridge Across The Canyon

I’ve got a new short story out on the Grimbold Patreon – it’s a GreenSky short involving an argumentative teenager and a windmill in the desert…

It is a $5 upwards post but for that you get news, cover reveals, more stories by writers including Joanne Hall and Jessica Rydill, and the Grim & Bold comic strip – which, frankly, is adorable. And slightly terrifying. They’re very cute, anyhow.

Have a snippet, and if you want to read the rest go and check out the Grimbold Patreon!

“I hate you! I hate you, I hate you, I HATE YOU!”

It had been a particularly fraught day in Station 8 along the Desert Trail. At dawn, they’d found that the second windmill sail was torn, and that meant shutting the windmill down for the morning despite the good breeze, so it was only the first sail that was powering the clockwork charging stations.

“Well feck off into the desert, then, like you always say you will!”

In addition, the well had brought up brackish water on the first pump, meaning the pipes needed to be cleaned. The gate hinges had been squeaking for the past few days too, and that was another job on the list.

“Maybe I will! I don’t want to be stuck here for the rest of my life, in the middle of nowhere, dealing with traders that do the same run and tell the same stories and have no life!”