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Myths and Legends, or Where Marvel Gets Its Stories

So I’ve spent some of the past six months randomly texting a former colleague and now friend with things like, “Did you know ‘Cerberus’ means ‘Spot’?” and “Let’s have a story about the time a pretty Roman threw all the chickens overboard!”

It all started because he’s a Marvel fan, and was telling me about this awesome set of films called The Avengers which feature a certain Norse Thunder God and his sneaky, trickster step-brother. And so I told him the story of the time Thor and Loki dressed up as women and then slaughtered everyone. Because that’s the sort of story that I tell at random times when someone mentions how much they love The Avengers.

And I got a look of part horror, part astonishment. “How do you know this stuff?”

(Yes, Ant, I know it wasn’t quite like that. Shush. This is my story, and I’ll tell it how I want.)

“Well, they’re all taken from Norse myths…” at which point it became clear that I read too much, and also that stories of trickery, drinking and fighting always go down well.

I admit I kinda skidded off the Norse mythology at that point because a) I left that job and it’s a bit harder to tell gory stories via text, and b) I couldn’t remember exactly who fucked over (or fucked) who at any given time and needed to look it up. So we got onto Good Solid Roman Tales Of Morality Fit For Children Of All Ages, including dear Claudius Pulcher throwing the chickens overboard and Gaius Popillius Laenas being a badass with a walking stick – which may have included the line, “Now Rome’s a pretty big bully and they could have sent in armies to lay waste, cause gnashing of teeth and wailing of wimmen and all that. They sent one little old man with a walking-stick and a few unarmed pretty-boys for the look of the thing.” What can I say, I like making fun of the Romans. They’re such a stuck-up bunch.

But in the course of my wandering, I remembered a site that I LOVE. It’s Myths Retold, and it’s amazing – and does a whole bunch of different mythology, not just Norse and Roman, and I highly recommend getting lost in it. I did point my friend at it, but I think he enjoys getting his weeks randomly interrupted with bloodshed and multiple Whatsapp messages – so hey, I’m not going to argue. I have now read up on who Freja was fucking at any given time (and for what particular piece of shiny ornamentation), but I think the next one we’re going to do is “How Loki Fucked Up Majorly, Or How He Got The Prettiest Of Pretty Boys Killed And Then Got Himself Drooled On By A Snake Until The End Of The World”, or possibly for something more light-hearted we’ll do  “How Thor Created The Tides By Drinking Too Much”, which is an awesome story.

Gotta love Norse myths.

Random Writing: The Bells

The start of something, inspired by a peal on a Saturday. It’s still quite rough, and I’m not sure where it’s going yet! I may turn it into a flash piece.

It never fails to surprise me how, two cities and a continent away, the sound of the bells can still wake me from my sleep, bringing me bolt upright and sweating into the musty darkness of my room.

It was another life away, that peal – although it was not one, never one. There were bells for mass and ceremony, liturgy and matins. There were bells for birth, and marriage and joy; bells for death and separation and trouble.

And bells for disaster.

It is always that peal I hear, deep in the night. The slow, solemn thud of the ringer against the largest cloche; the deep, throbbing tone ringing out across the rooftops, shaking the birds out of slumber and the mortar in the walls, shaking the cobbles and the bricks, shaking the air itself as it bestirred all of us out of our lives.

Danger. Danger.


A February Update

Just a bit…grey, really.

Mordic Cafe speciality teas boardI’ve had a pile of editing work, so I’ve been trundling onwards through that. Then I’ve got proofreading and some formatting to finish, and then just the rest of my list, really. It’s all ongoing, and nothing particularly special – I’m still enjoying it all, but it’s all become routine (which is nice in some ways!) The pile’s not really leaving any time for writing, but then I don’t really have any stories in me at the moment. I’ve got some ideas – I mean, check out the list of teas from the Nordic Cafe in Lymington (which, by the way, is excellent): I just want to write all those characters! But nothing’s really flowing, or fitting itself into a story. I’m just uninspired.

In the rest of life, it’s sort of ongoing as well. I’m waiting to hear back on a job I’d love to get, but I’m trying not to get my hopes up; I’ve had some friend drama, but I’m so tired of it that I just stepped away rather than try to fix anything. I’m still playing games on a Tuesday night, still trying to walk every day. I’ve been reading a bit, but it’s either old favourites (Martha Wells’ All Systems Red) or I’m halfway through new ones (The Carpet Makers by Andreas Eschbach and The City of Woven Streets by Emma Itäranta). So nothing particularly new there.

There has been some good. I had a wonderful present through from my friend Pasty & Purls, which was brilliant and I’m currently halfway through framing – isn’t it CUTE? That was definitely a highlight in my week, as was Disney films with a friend – he hadn’t seen The Emperor’s New Groove. JUST WHAT. So we watched that. And I got to go out on a powerboat over the weekend in brilliant sunshine and a flat sea, which was fun (if cold!)

But beyond that…I don’t know. I don’t think it’s depression – or at least, it’s mild. It’s just grey. But I’m doing ok, just trundling along; just one step at a time and one thing at a time, every day.


Dresden Files fanfic – gettin’ it out there!

Ok. So. Having had several lovely comments on a Dresden-Files-ish short story (Winter’s Loan), a kick from both PandaFries and Thalamas, and a good day, I took my courage in both hands and jumped.

While I have previously posted some of my Dresden Files fanfic around the RPG I played up until last year, I’ve never had the courage to post more than snippets. But, since this weekend, the first few complete parts of my Dresden Files fanfic is up on Wattpad, and I’m going to be trying to post another bit each week – probably Saturdays.

And holy f*** does this take more courage than I thought I had. It’s ridiculously exciting – I was on top of the world on Saturday and didn’t shut up thanks to overflowing happy energy (sorry, Swindon FreeWriters) but it’s also terrifying.

I loved these characters. I lived them for over two years. I had them in my head and in my life. I wrote so many words of game write-up or extra story…this is a bit of my heart and my soul, and I’m terrified of putting it out there because I feel so small, and so completely and absolutely judged. I’m scared of what people reading are going to think of me. I’m scared of what it says about me (apart from the fact I have a knack for putting my characters in mean situations). I’m scared of what anyone who reads is going to think. It was fiction, yes, but it was choices that I made for my characters – and having almost lived the situations, I can’t stay as removed from it as I can with my other writing. I was there, having those arguments, laughing at the antics. With the game, at least, it’s not just in my head – and while most of these pieces are just character extrapolations from that (certainly the romance and sex scenes would be a bit of a different roleplay style from the one we played, and probably require less clothing) it’s still got that heart-string tug.

But…I love it. Re-reading, I can’t stop smiling. I love it. And I want to share it.

It will only be the Dresden Files Swindon game that will get shared, and I’m still taking that one story at a time, so there may end up being pieces I don’t put up. I won’t ever be sharing any of the wolfpack games; while I wish with all my heart that I could share Ryan’s writing with you, I can’t get his permission, and I don’t think he’d want it shared. I absolutely adore it – but it’s his, not mine. And so that will stay locked.

But as for everything else… *deep breath* I can do this. I can. So, keep an eye out on Wattpad for new stories, and absolutely please, honestly, tell me what you think!