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An update from the start of June

isle of wightAh’m on holiday!

Only for a long weekend, but still. Holiday! Sea, sand…occasional sun…wind…a dog who smells rather of pondweed thanks to an impromptu play in the ditch yesterday…and no ice cream yet, but that may happen today – so not too bad overall!

I’m on the Isle of Wight for a few days with my family, so it’s nice to get away for a bit. Unfortunately it’s not all relaxation; I’ve got a stack of paid-editing to do, Terra Nullius stories to edit, websites to update, stories to finish. If I get my editing done, I’m going to finish editing Book 7 of GreenSky and then start working again on Book 10. I’ve also started work on No Man’s Sky again, as I had some inspiration while driving here, so that’s good.

Beyond that – books to read, family to talk to, walks to have. I’m just about to take one of the dogs and trundle round the River Yar while there’s some sunshine, so writing can wait!

Crafty Update: May 2017

Now everything’s got there ok, I can reveal what I was crafting for the Big Geeky Craft Swap!

My prompt was “Wonder Woman”, and while I did consider a few useful things (mostly bookmarks) I didn’t have the right fabric to make one that would actually be useful in a book, and not break the spine (Librarian Tut!) So I ended up going with just a cross-stitched piece, and used an image from the DC Superhero Girls as a template. I ran out of flesh thread, which annoyed me (and I couldn’t get any more of the right colour!) and also managed to run out of black, although that was more easily fixed :-/ but it was a fun piece to do! I didn’t have time to fill in the background, but I think it does work.

I’m also getting there with my Superhero and Dinosaur alphabet – I’m just finishing off Robin, and I’ve got the rest all planned out! This one has been super fun, too – can you get all of them so far?

And finally, a picture of my helper…for once, not asleep on my lap!


All of the presents

sammy myths bookI came home yesterday to all of the packages! Well, two, but they were both exciting. The other thing was a letter from the bank. Not so exciting.

The first parcel was a wonderful book from the lovely Sammy – myths & legends! She knows I’m currently knee-deep in random mythology for No Man’s Sky, so it’s going to be so useful – plus for any future projects, of course…and generally…I love myths anyway and to be able to look everything up is just grand. It’s a nice hefty collection and my fingers were itching to dive right in!

And the second parcel was from my partner in the Big Geeky Craft Swap, Meghan, who lives in Canada – her Tumblr is KnitsAndNonsense and she’s also on Instagram! The theme was Superheroes, and I LOVE the choices she’s gone with.

Here’s everything…

I love the llama. He’s glittery. Everyone needs a glittery llama.

And then a close-up of the backs of the fabulous gloves! She knitted them during her lunch breaks, and they are SO AMAZING. The photo doesn’t really do the colour justice, either – they’re a beautiful collection of blues.

My package has only just gone off (I ran out of one colour thread…) and while I do have photos of my crafty thing, I’m going to wait for Meghan to get it before I show you all!

This was part of the Big Geeky Craft Swap, and it’s been a lot of fun choosing – and making – and receiving – things! Keep an eye out for the next one if you think it’d be fun to join in.

Progress: No Man’s Dawn

Writing feels like a jigsaw puzzle sometimes, except you have to make up the pieces yourself.

I start off with some of the edges, and a few bits of tree or whatever, and then realise that maybe the pattern is a kitten in a basket and that’s some of the basket, and I’ve got the kitten, plus I found a few more bits of edge, but maybe it would look good with a puppy in there too? And then the cat sits on the board and I lose a few of the pieces down the back of the sofa and the sky seems to be a weird mix of blue and cloud, and it’s all a weird mess within a few random edge pieces.

Also, I think metaphors can be taken too far. But you get what I mean.

I didn’t feel that No Man’s Dawn was quite right; I was missing something. Dee was boring. While the outline was good – someone running away from a problem, making a new life, discovering secrets, murder mystery – it didn’t have the spark I wanted.

Well, I came up with a solution.

I added Luk.

I came up with the idea in the car, and my housemate just gave me a Look when I started giggling.

This is now the start of the book:

“Fuck. Fuck, fuckitty fucking fuck. Fuck!”

That last one echoes off the rock ahead of me, and I glance over my shoulder to try to spot my pursuers.

Of course, I can’t see anything.

“Fucking invisible bastard fuckers!”

You see why I was giggling?

Adding Luk adds depth and familiarity. I’m doing alternate chapters, Luk and Dee; it means I can add an extra plotline, add an extra thread to my murder mystery, and I don’t necessarily have to explain everything to the clueless Dee as Luk is already experienced. He’s also a complete bastard, and it’s been great fun to play out some of the consequences – especially on Dee. I’d already planned for him to come into the story, but having half of it from his perspective is definitely the right thing to do.

The spark’s back. I’m loving this almost as much as No Man’s Land; it hasn’t got the same snark factor, but hopefully it’s going to have a similar Not Nice feel, along with a twist at the end.

I’m also doing some work on No Man’s Sky; I’ve got ideas for some fill-in sections thanks to my beloved alpha-reader and aunt, and it’s been through a couple of other readers who have also given me ideas and encouragement. I’m waiting on my other alpha to finish writing Suddenly Lesbians (working title) and then she can focus on it, but that’s definitely got some spark back too.

So it’s getting there! (Again). Yay!

On doors and opportunities

I feel that I’ve had a lot of doors slammed in my face recently.

[Insert cliche here about one door closing and another opening, or “just keep going”…]

But it hurts. It frickin’ sucks.

I’m suffering from writer’s block at the moment, which isn’t helping. I’m not feeling delightful enough to write GreenSky and I’m struggling to get into the world again. I’m pondering No Man’s Sky and No Man’s Dawn, which isn’t helping me actually write. I’ve got a stack of short stories, but can’t make progress with any of them.

I’ve just had two short stories rejected; shorts that I was honestly confident about. I liked them and I thought they were good stories. And while I know from the editing side that it isn’t often possible to write more than a standard rejection letter to authors, from the author side it really sucks to not know why you’ve been rejected. I don’t know if my story didn’t fit, wasn’t quite right – or, as my fears are telling me, was simply crap. And that feeds back into the rest of my fears, particularly about Not Being A Proper Writer.

I’m struggling with home life too. I’ve got a whole load of doubts and fears circling. I’m on my own a lot at the moment and while in some ways I quite like it, it does give me far too much time to listen to my own thoughts and worry about what I’m doing or feeling.

I still don’t know what I’m doing with jobs. I’m three months into my six-month break and I feel that I haven’t done anything. I’m worrying that six months off will completely screw any future jobs I try to get. I’m worrying that I’ve done the wrong thing. I’m wondering if I could have coped with the anxiety to stay just a bit longer in my last job (and that’s when the rational voice pipes up with “hell no!” so at least there’s some sanity there). I’m wondering which direction I want to go in. I feel like so many doors have slammed on the job front that I’m facing a wall of missed opportunities there, too. I know most of them have been out of my control, but I’m still very much blaming myself for all the failures.

I’m walking on quicksand in every area of my life, and still feeling completely lost. I’m still walking, but it’s tough when I’m not sure where I’m going.

But hey. I keep writing, keep submitting, keep walking. I just have to make the decisions as they come up, and do what’s right for me. I’ve got some wonderful people supporting me, and I’m grateful for them every day. I just need to keep going.