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Book Launch: Anthologies!

Infinite dysmorphia, holding on by our fingertips, terra nullius covers

So, for the past….year?….I’ve been working on three anthologies, and we now have a publication date and launch event!

All three anthologies are going to be published on the 31st May, and the launch is in Oxford Waterstones on the 8th June! You can get tickets through Eventbrite for the Oxford launch, and keep up to date with everything on Facebook.

All three anthologies have been really fun to work on – albeit also a lot of hard work, and with quite a few tears (mostly caused by “Holding On By Our Fingertips” – don’t read end-of-the-world stories when you’re not feeling good). The authors have all been absolutely fantastic and I am so proud and pleased with all the stories – every book is packed full of amazing writing and worldbuilding, and, frankly, stories that I really didn’t mind having to read and re-read!

If you’d like an Advanced Review Copy then please do email kristellink@grimboldbooks.com, or poke me on Twitter/here. I’ll be advertising the buy links as soon as we’ve got them all sorted, and I’m really looking forward to sharing some fantastic stories with everyone!


I decided that for Book 9 of GreenSky – which essentially involves the protagonist chasing a dream and, along the way, discovering that her love of birds and talent for drawing doesn’t need to be hidden – that I wanted some drawings of birds scattered through the book. And luckily for me, I’ve got an old friend who a) loves birds, b) is excellent at drawing, and c) takes commissions! (Although I did have to haggle the price up.)

My brief was essentially “sketch style, in pencil or charcoal or something, and a gull, a river bird, a couple of forest ones, maybe a small rodent?” The master of explicit artwork briefs, that’s me.

But they’ve come up trumps – I love these so much, and I’m really looking forward to typesetting the book now!  From the excellent CosmicMind Comics.



Desert Sands & Silence: release date & pre-order!

Moel is a runner, a desert inhabitant who makes her living carrying messages across the sun-baked plains, content in her silence. But when a group of engineers from Meton are caught in a rockslide, politics abruptly brings Moel into the world again, and she meets others who have been pulled back to their pasts by Ziricon’s desire to gain the power of spark without the costs.

Desert Sands & Silence will be released on the 4th May! And you can pre-order it already – don’t worry if you don’t do it now, I’m going to keep jogging your memory *evil grin*

Desert Sands cover


2018: Aims for the Year

So, my five aims for 2018.

1. For 2018 To Not Be As Shit As 2017 Was

Hopefully that isn’t too hard, but politics isn’t really on my side there. As far as the personal side goes, ideally that won’t be getting any worse either. Fingers crossed.

2. Something Old

Aka, finish things! No Man’s Sky is waiting on two chapters, and No Man’s Dawn is waiting on its second half. Shadows is waiting on a rewrite. I need to get stuck into that.

As a subset of that…

  • My Dresden Files fanfic. This one’s a bit more difficult, but I think I’ve kinda reached the point where I’d like to do something with it. I’m going to investigate fanfic sites and maybe look into putting it on here.
  • Madcap Library. A friend recently reminded me about it; was I going to do anything about it? Well…maybe I should. So that’s underway as a self-publishing project.

3. Something New

Aka. get on with the writing! This might be 1920’s Necromancy, or The Thief and The Seer, or…something else. I don’t know. Adrian’s told me I have to start writing The Necromancer’s Charm on the 1st January, but that is founded on getting the damn voice right!

4. Improve Me

At the moment that consists of doing yoga, drinking more, and generally trying to be a bit more healthy. I’m also considering learning something…I did try to continue my French but got fed up of Duolingo being inconsistent. I might try to do some certificates in stuff. We’ll see. Also…

  • Don’t Be A Hermit. As I work at home, I am tugging at the edges of anxiety and becoming a recluse, so I am pushing myself to get out more. Writing groups, old friends, new friends, gaming, events, conventions…I need to do things, even if it scares me.

5. Read More

I JOINED THE LIBRARY AND THEY HAVE ALL THE BOOKS. I may have maxed out my loans for several weeks running, so…long may that continue, I guess? I’ve still got a large reading pile (as always) so that’s ongoing too.

That said, I’m not going officially do the Discoverability Challenge; I want to continue with more women writers, but I’m struggling with reading (and doing a lot of my own research) so I don’t want to commit to something I might not do.


So! They’re aims, at least. Let’s be honest, most days my aims consist of “get out of bed” with an advanced aim of “get out of the house”, so…well, let’s aim high. If nothing else, I’ll land amongst the stars.