FantasyCon 2015: a round-up

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Wow. Well, I’m sort of glad that’s over!

I was just at FantasyCon 2015 in Nottingham from the 23-25th October. A whole team of Grimbold Books came up; we had a table in the Dealer’s room, a couple of authors were on panels, and we planned to have a lot of fun! I hadn’t volunteered for anything – as the submissions closed before BristolCon happened I was going to see how I did with the panel there before I volunteered for anything else! – so I was just a spectator this time.

Steve Aryan reading
Steve Aryan, courtesy of Adrian Faulkner

The review: overall, I enjoyed the Con. It was a small one, 500 people, and the hotel never felt full; there were enough spaces and things going on that everyone fitted nicely. It also meant people were recognisable when you bumped into them for the third time! The food situation was awful, the hotel staff were lacklustre but the Con staff (Redcloaks) were amazing, the panels were interesting, there were a nice haul of books around and I talked to lots of interesting people! I think I would have to have a reason to return – be that friends are coming, it’s got some interesting GoHs, I have a specific book reason. But I’m not sure that it’s one I would routinely make sure I attended.

So, having said that – if you want the in-depth version, please read more!

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FantasyCon 2015

I’m a-goin’ to Nottingham…

I’ll be at FantasyCon 2015 in Nottingham from Thursday evening until Monday. I’m not booked for anything special (I haven’t signed up for panels!) so in addition to hanging out with the Grimbold posse, I’m going to a reading and panel by the awesome @Figures, Steven Poore’s book launch, and then anything that takes my fancy! There’s been the suggestion of karaoke on Friday night, and I am still perusing the programme…

I do have my fox skirt and a selection of geeky t-shirts, so I’ll hopefully be slightly recognisable. If you spot me, come say hi!