New craft project

Having not done any cross-stitch since I finished my last project (a geeky alphabet), I’ve now started two more within two days…

Totoro_samplerThe first was an accident. I’d gone into Hobbycraft to find a plastic sampler base, and they had 7 count or 14 count. I picked up 7 as 14 was far too small for the threads that I use. However, it was only when I got home that I realised 7 was too big…my bad! So I ordered some 10 count bases online, but in the meantime I realised that the 7 count is perfect for wool, and I happen to have grey wool spare…

If you’re not familiar with anime, it’s Totoro from My Neighbour Totoro. I’m not making this for anything – it’s just for fun!

The second project started when my plastic bases turned up today. I’m making a sampler for a friend’s wedding in November, so I’m having great fun planning out all of their favourite things. I’m not going to post photos of that as they might see, and I want it to mostly be a surprise 😀 I’ve been working on that while watching Indiana Jones, and it’s shaping up nicely.

Minion_samplerAnd in other craft news, Sam’s picked up some small, coaster-sized bases and is currently making Minions…and a glittery stegosaurus (don’t ask). I’ve drawn them for him and apparently I’m going to have to help with the Stegosaurus colours, although as no one really knows what colour dinosaurs were, I don’t think it matters if it’s glittery. Just sayin’.

Beyond that, I’m finishing a Portal-themed phone case, which has faltered slightly as I’ve reached the hard part of stitching both sides together. Beyond that…nothing else new!



If you haven’t played Portal 2 (in which case, please go and do so) there’s a Core in it that’s obsessed with space, and the title is a quote from that…however, it’s also very apt for a crafty project that my housemate Sam and I have been doing recently, and I’ve just finished the last details on. We made SPACE!Space-themed bedding
We found the fabric during our visit to Clevedon, at a wonderful shop called The Spinning Weal. I was after a simple-ish project to teach Sam to sew, and the fabric was so awesome that we had to get it – and hey, duvet cover plus science equals awesome!

Sam sewingI didn’t take many pics during the making process (and let’s be fair, the duvet cover is twice the size of me anyway, so pics don’t work well). We started on the pillowcases as they were simpler; I showed Sam how to measure and pin and then he did a seam…and then did the rest of the seams and the next pillowcase…he picked it up so quickly that I was really impressed, and I don’t think I did more than one seam just to finish the duvet! We did both struggle with laying out the cover, mostly because of the sheer amount of fabric, and then I had to remember how to do buttonholes. But we got there!

We got two types of fabric; one that was the Solar System, and one of light-to-dark space. I have to admit I messed up – I didn’t get enough of either. We ended up using a black cotton to do ends on the pillowcases, and also on the duvet cover; it was partly leftovers that I had already and partly a few meters of standard black from Hobbycraft.Solar System pillows

We did two sets of pillows, both of which are also reversible, so you can use either side and have the pattern going right across the bed. There’s the solar system (right) and the light-to-dark stars (below).Space 3 The duvet cover is light-to-dark stars with a strip of black at the top – entirely my bad for not checking how much fabric we needed, but it was sort of an impulse purchase. Luckily it did work out this time, but I definitely prefer buying more fabric to less, and this is a reminder to me to do that next time – I can always use spare but making up shortfalls is a pain.

It looks pretty amazing on the bed, and I’m grinning madly, while also debating what I can make next. What other fabrics are out there?! But there you go – crafty, geeky and absolutely awesome!

Sam hasn’t seen it on the bed yet either, so I’m looking forward to the grin in about half an hour’s time when he goes upstairs…it’s the little things in life, isn’t it?*


* I got a grin and a hug. I think he approves of it! 🙂