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A crafty update: July 2017

I finished my latest sampler! It’s the dinosaurs and superheroes one for Logan, and I’m just in time – he’ll be two in August. It was great fun to do!




And I have sort-of finished Totoro. I wanted to do a full background: I don’t like the purple now and I’ve gained some bits of green that I’d much rather use, but I don’t really want to unpick and as he’s now off to a new (temporary) home along with a laptop, I’m just glad to have finished his belly.

Also, have some bonus (badly taken) cat pictures. I recently moved bedrooms, and he seems to be insistent on making the room his…


Crafty Update: May 2017

Now everything’s got there ok, I can reveal what I was crafting for the Big Geeky Craft Swap!

My prompt was “Wonder Woman”, and while I did consider a few useful things (mostly bookmarks) I didn’t have the right fabric to make one that would actually be useful in a book, and not break the spine (Librarian Tut!) So I ended up going with just a cross-stitched piece, and used an image from the DC Superhero Girls as a template. I ran out of flesh thread, which annoyed me (and I couldn’t get any more of the right colour!) and also managed to run out of black, although that was more easily fixed :-/ but it was a fun piece to do! I didn’t have time to fill in the background, but I think it does work.

I’m also getting there with my Superhero and Dinosaur alphabet – I’m just finishing off Robin, and I’ve got the rest all planned out! This one has been super fun, too – can you get all of them so far?

And finally, a picture of my helper…for once, not asleep on my lap!


All of the presents

sammy myths bookI came home yesterday to all of the packages! Well, two, but they were both exciting. The other thing was a letter from the bank. Not so exciting.

The first parcel was a wonderful book from the lovely Sammy – myths & legends! She knows I’m currently knee-deep in random mythology for No Man’s Sky, so it’s going to be so useful – plus for any future projects, of course…and generally…I love myths anyway and to be able to look everything up is just grand. It’s a nice hefty collection and my fingers were itching to dive right in!

And the second parcel was from my partner in the Big Geeky Craft Swap, Meghan, who lives in Canada – her Tumblr is KnitsAndNonsense and she’s also on Instagram! The theme was Superheroes, and I LOVE the choices she’s gone with.

Here’s everything…

I love the llama. He’s glittery. Everyone needs a glittery llama.

And then a close-up of the backs of the fabulous gloves! She knitted them during her lunch breaks, and they are SO AMAZING. The photo doesn’t really do the colour justice, either – they’re a beautiful collection of blues.

My package has only just gone off (I ran out of one colour thread…) and while I do have photos of my crafty thing, I’m going to wait for Meghan to get it before I show you all!

This was part of the Big Geeky Craft Swap, and it’s been a lot of fun choosing – and making – and receiving – things! Keep an eye out for the next one if you think it’d be fun to join in.