Isolation continues

25/09/2013 08:32

I recently went to London, and had some time on the coach to think (side note: I’ve always hated my travel sickness as it means I can’t read during journeys, but I suppose it is a blessing in disguise…). I was thinking about Isolation & Connections. Reminder: I’m working with a post-apoloclyptic world, humanity mostly wiped out, post-robot revolution.

First line of thought: the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs…what exactly happened? What was the effect? How long did it last? What would it do if it happened now?

Answers: v. large asteroid, causing tsunamis, volcanic erruptions and general chaos. It threw a lot of dust into air, so sunlight blocked for over a year but the algae was getting back to normal after a century, so the effects didn’t last forever; wildfires also helped with the dust quota. The temperature sank for a year but then heated up due to the greenhouse effect. Most surface life was wiped out due to lack of photosynthesis. If it happened now, the lack of food supplies would be the big killer and about 25% of the human population would likely perish, plus however many others from the tsunamis, wildfires, plagues and whatever else. Sounds fun, huh?

Second line of thought: space elevators. That was quite a fun half-hour spent examining a map! Based on The Fountains of Paradise, with a whole bunch of real-life innovation and theory thrown in.

Third line: gender identities, genetics and society. If you had a small, isolated community, I would expect one of their major long-term concerns to be genetics and in-breeding. This would likely translate to a concern with children, sex and motherhood. What would happen if you threw someone with gender issues (of whatever type) into that mix?

I’ve started writing, so it’s slowly coming together. As always, I lik looking at the characters rather than the plot, but in this case I think it works quite well. We shall see!


20/04/2013 20:09

It’s this image…

…that has set me off this time.

Legacies. Things left over from a previous period. Androids, smog, a broken earth…and walls. Prisons. No longer needed to keep things in, or out. Eyes that are no longer connected to anything but are still watching, blind. The relics of a previous mindset and a previous age.

And they come looming out of the fog.

The start of a new story

17/04/2013 10:29

It all started with one image…


And for some reason, it made me think of “crucified as a warning to others” – Spartacus, the Roman habit of crucifying rebels/slaves etc along the highways so that everyone could see them…

But how would you imprison an android? (In glass). And why?

So I’m starting with that image – rows of glass blocks along a deserted highway, all containing these beautiful, silent machines, placed there as a warning.

It’s provisionally titled “Isolation and connections”.