Isolation & Connections: snippet

She had been following the cracked black stone towards the city, wondering about the straightness of it. At least it made it easier for her to walk. The dusty plains had slowly given way to gentle hillocks, with the black stone rising and falling over them as Janny trudged on.

She spotted the structures in the distance from a little way away, even though they were half hidden by the dust and smog. The straight edges made them stick out against the rolling curves of the surrounding landscape. So she followed the black stone, and the structures slowly came closer.

But before they came nearer, something else loomed into view. Along the sides of the stone were human-height lumps, evenly spaced. They were – she struggled for the word – statues. At first she was surprised that they hadn’t been taken like most of the other human things, but as she gingerly stepped off the black stone to take a closer look, she realised why.

Each statue was encased in glass.

“What are they?” she asked Friend.

Friend was silent. Friend never lied, but sometimes there were…silences. Omissions. This sounded like one of those.

Janny stepped closer, through the dust that surrounded the statues. There were many of them – the glass blocks stretched away from her along the black stone, the muggy air curling around them.

And inside…

“Why are they here?” Janny asked Friend, tapping the box.

“I do not know.” Friend said.

This time, Janny wasn’t in a mood to take obstruction. “You have no memory, or you are not able to tell me?”

“I have no memory.” Friend said.

“Why not? Did you ever have the memories?”

“I…think so.” Friend said, sounding slightly more human for an instant. “I have similar memories. But I do not know what these are or why they are here.”

Janny looked at them again. She felt tiny, standing in front of the glass block, and gently pressed a finger against it. It felt cold in the fog, with tiny droplets of condensation that gathered and trickled slowly downwards.

The figure inside was humanoid, but looked as if it was made of metal and shiny plastic. Janny pressed her finger harder against the glass, almost willing it to let her in. The…thing…was standing, large eyes closed, coils of what looked like hair resting on its blocky shoulders. It was strangely sexless, but somehow beautiful.

Janny slowly moved onto the next one, which was a different shape; this one was squat, rounded, resting on a multiplication of legs. It was encased in the same size glass block, and as Janny looked down the row, the glass blocks stretched off into the fog.

“Why are they here?” she murmured, puzzled. “And what are they?”

Nano Update: week 2

11/11/2013 07:36

Well, Week 1 went ok…I did a chunk at the beginning, didn’t write much due to work/family/the kitchen being spread liberally all over the house, but then got 5000 words done on Saturday at the write-in. So I’m up to 14000 and still roughly on target!


I’ve split Connections into three parts. Part One is Isolation, focusing on Janny and her community, and what happens when she brings two strangers into that. Part Two is Connections, which goes into the community in the Sky Tower (space elevator/ring), and introduces Janny to that world. Part Three is still relatively unplanned, but is currently titled Networks. I’ve got some plans but I’ll have to see how everything works out.


Part One is almost finished; I’m aiming at 15000 words for each section, which seems to be working so far. So this week I will be working on finishing Part One and then will start Part Two at the write-in on Friday. It’ll be a bit of a mental change as well, so in many ways I’m glad to be writing sequentially (unusually for me – I usually jump all over the place in my stories). It’s been fun to look forward to what’s going to happen as well, and subtly foreshadow bits of it.


Week 2 and 3, here we come!

NaNoWriMo first two days

02/11/2013 17:36

Well, I’m writing…so I suppose it’s a good start!

I’ve more than hit my targets for the past two days, but I’m doubtful that I will hit any for the next week due to work, work, house, work and travelling. I’m lucky that I’m a little way ahead so whatever I do write will help, and I’ll just have to power on next weekend.

So far I’ve added in a murder, some unrighteous lust which almost gets Botan Seba punched, dead cities and a complex attitude towards robots, so I will be interested to see how this develops.