Christmas Cookies

It’s nearly Christmas and I’m thinking about baking!

(It’s close enough to Christmas that I need to do test batches and think about ingredients and do more test batches and it’s near enough, ok?)

Heart-shaped cookies.I found a recipe recently for Norwegian Pepperkake, which sound fun! I’m not a huge fan of gingerbread but some of my family are, so I figure it’s worth a try. [Image via Life In Norway]

My traditional Christmas (and other times, as they’re super easy to make) cookie is Weihnachtsgebäck, which is a traditional German recipe. There’s a couple of different recipes online – this one looks pretty good, with lemon and jam! – but my one came via a slightly different route: via a German translation exercise about twenty years ago.

(Yes, it shows – it’s well-loved!)

German Cookies recipe

You can either use cinnamon or lemon, and they have a really nice, gentle flavour once cooked: I like that they’re soft and not too sweet. They’re also really easy to make and quick to cook, so they’re often my go-to for a next-day treat. The downside of that is that I do rather like them, so will sometimes just eat them before they go anywhere…

Image of Swirled cookiesAnyhow! They’re fun, easy, and when I mentioned them to my sister she said “oh yeah, the raw batter’s great on those!” so I might make them before I go to my parents…

Also, I found a recipe for Schwarz-Weiß Gebäck, which made me squeak! [Image via] My sister used to make these, and they’re amazing – but I had lost the recipe! To find it again it amazing, and I am DEFINITELY making these over Christmas. There’s also a bunch of other recipes in this list from Taste of Home that I really want to try… so consider this your warning if you know me in real life: there may be baking happening!

The C-word! And PRESENTS!

I can say Christmas now, right? *looks around* it snowed yesterday, the market stalls are selling robin-themed tat, everyone’s buying presents, and it’s officially the 1st…yay! Not that it helps with the month of Christmas music the shops have been subjecting everyone to, but there you go. I think earplugs are the way forward there.

Anyway, PRESENTS! GIVEAWAY TIME! I’ve got a set of signed Greensky novellas (1 through 5) to give away – this is going to run until midday (GMT) on the 8th Dec, and I’ll post them anywhere in the world. Get yer Christmas presents here!

Green Sky novella covers
I’ll publish the winner on the 8th after the giveaway finishes, and send the books off asap after that – I don’t mind sending them to the winner or somewhere else, it’s up to you. It’s CHRISTMAS TIME!

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Grimbold Giveaway: Twelve Days of Christmas

Kristell Ink titlesPresents…well, presents equals books, right?

Anyway! You can win books in this Kristell Ink competition!

Dead simple to enter, too – follow Grimbold or Kristell Ink on social media. That has the added bonus of getting updates on the various books and authors, which includes me, because obviously if you’re reading my blog then you’re interested in my books. Or at least, I talk about them a lot, so you can pretend interest.

Find the competition page at the Grimbold homepage on FB, or the shortcode is

Merry Christmas!