Changing Winds: finished!

03/02/2014 12:55

I have just finished Changing Winds Part 2, which means I have three novellas complete in the Greensky series! Woot!


ChW2 is just over (like, 6 words over…) 30,000 words. It might get extended or reduced – it’s just gone to my proofreader for a first read so I’ll see what she makes of it.


I’m aiming to finish Salt Winds next, as that’s only got a chapter to finish, and then Empty Skies & Sunlight. I can do this, I can do this…

Changing Winds and some news

13/11/2013 08:36

I spent a chunk of last night (in between feeding the beardie and watching QI) updating Changing Winds, and I’m feeling pretty optimistic about it. I split the original story into two; when I first did it, I left a large chunk of stuff “to write”, which is my way of saying “this needs to go in here but I don’t feel like writing it at the moment”. Yesterday, I realised that a lot of it could go into the second book…and hey presto, the first one is pretty much complete! I’ve got a battle scene to write at the beginning and after that it’s just editing. I’ll probably pass it to my test reader (hi Auntie Bridget!) in the next week or so to see what she thinks.

The second one is still ongoing, but I also managed to revise it (sloppily, I admit, as my eyelids were drooping at that point) and I’m happy with the way it’s going. I’m going to spend some time this week getting it in order and up to date, and I call that progress. *happy writer dance*


In other news…I don’t usually talk about publishers (because let’s be honest, a litany of rejection letters isn’t the most interesting thing for you guys to read about), but a few months ago I had a “possibly interested but we’re waiting to launch an imprint” letter. The imprint has now launched – go and check out Inklings, Grimkins and Nyxies! – and I’m now waiting for Sammy to get over her cold and email me. My nails are getting shorter by the minute…