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Kitty Update: December 2018

They’re doing scritches and fuss, although not yet cuddles. The entire house of course belongs to them…including the bathroom. (They seem to like being in the bath, for some odd reason.)

My housemate bought them a cat bed. Has it been used? I don’t think so. That said, the scratching post has been, so…overall win?

New household members: the Doctors!

We have mini panthers – please meet Jodie WhittaCat (right) and Peter Cat-paldi (left)! My housemate named them…guess who the Dr Who fan is in the household!

They’re from Oxford Cats Protection, and they’re siblings at about 6 months old. Currently they’re still quite shy, but have got the whole Humans Give Food and KILL THE STRING thing down, and are getting there with If I Get Strokes I Get Treats, So I’ll Tolerate This. So far, they seem to be settling in ok!

Two black cats; Peter and Jodie