No Man’s Land: Sketches and Cover

I may be bouncing up and down slightly, and grinning like a daft thing. The absolutely amazing and ridiculously talented Karin Lanven has been coming up with concept sketches for the cover of No Man’s Land, and….

Sketches for Ghost

The above is some concept sketches for Ghost – I’m thinking that Karin’s style for this reminds me of Chris Riddell, and I love it! And below, she’s also been doing some roughs for cover layouts…

No Man's Land cover layout sketch

It’s all a work in progress, but I am ridiculously excited!

Pretty Things and Art

I realised that I didn’t put anything on here about my haul from Oxcon last month! I got some really nice artwork, along with dropping by to see my friend at CosmicMind Comics (and getting to squee over Yuri and Star Trek guinea pig postcards with fans).

The Con itself was small but really good; I spent half a day there and that felt about right. There were quite a few cosplayers and props, but otherwise it was mostly artists, and I met a whole load of cool people as well as picking up some amazing art!

So, my haul: two wonderful sets of Tsukumogami from Dread Levi, who also does a comic strip. These are all postcard sizes, and I’m really looking forward to being able to hang them down a wall! An awesome No-Face by Mr Echo Angel which is currently standing on my side table, along with Tonari No Totoro from VictorsBeard (via Redbubble rather than OxCon) and a beautiful fox from Mike Medagila.

And the earrings were a present for me – I love them! Unfortunately I can’t remember who the seller was (and there’s no markings on the packaging) but they had a lot of cool earrings and jewelry.

Brambledown Designs logo

I’m also saving my pennies to get something from BrambleDown Designs – they just do the most beautiful artwork! I love the kingfisher,  but they also do a whole bunch of geeky art – I p-p-picked up a Porg card that’s gone to a Star Wars fan. I also really want something from The Art of Elm, and I’m keeping an eye on Lissy Raine – she does commissions, so…. *plots*

So, that’s my recent art haul!


I decided that for Book 9 of GreenSky – which essentially involves the protagonist chasing a dream and, along the way, discovering that her love of birds and talent for drawing doesn’t need to be hidden – that I wanted some drawings of birds scattered through the book. And luckily for me, I’ve got an old friend who a) loves birds, b) is excellent at drawing, and c) takes commissions! (Although I did have to haggle the price up.)

My brief was essentially “sketch style, in pencil or charcoal or something, and a gull, a river bird, a couple of forest ones, maybe a small rodent?” The master of explicit artwork briefs, that’s me.

But they’ve come up trumps – I love these so much, and I’m really looking forward to typesetting the book now!  From the excellent CosmicMind Comics.