Steampunk Universe: an anthology of diverse fiction

Steampunk UniverseLike steampunk? Like the GreenSky series? Like short stories with diverse characters? Like anthologies? Like supporting my writing? (Well, I hope you like that one, as you’re reading my blog).

Well, you’re in the right place!

I had a short story, On The Clockwork Trail, accepted for the anthology Steampunk Universe – and the Kickstarter for it is now live!

You can also find it at

I really enjoyed the prompt for the submission call; a steampunk world, but with a disabled or aneurotypical main character. If you know anything about my writing, you’ll probably have twigged that I do tend to branch out when it comes to characters…GreenSky features a lot of disabilities and my main character for No Man’s Land is trans (not that it has anything to do with disability, but hey, it’s not ‘normal’). So I got to write a short story, in the GreenSky universe, exploring an area and a character that I hadn’t previously looked at…win! Can you tell I love my story?

Anyway, if you want to read it – and, y’know, stories by other people who obviously are excellently wonderful as well – go have a peer at the Kickstarter page.