Starting a new game

So, it appears that I have blithely volunteered to run another Dresden Files RPG game for a group of friends; why do I do this to myself? At the moment it’s just a one-shot concept game. However, even though it’s a one-shot (so a brief, ideally one-night game) I still need to site it in a world, a concept, an overall layer.

One of my players has had far too much fun creating a character; I’m not allowed to say much about it, but it’s an absolutely wonderful take on an idea that mixes mythology with power, and has the brilliant potential to bring in several factions and a lot of conflicting motives. It’s also given me quite a few ideas of what I could do and how I could wind that character into a larger plot. I don’t yet know what other characters I have to play with, but I’ve got a few ideas; the major limitation is that I think this group will prefer helping people to destroying things, and prefer running away to gleefully fighting, and so that limits the sort of situations I can drop them in. However, I have been discussing the ideas with my housemate (who is also playing) and he’s got some concepts that could be fun and mean that at times, he’d be playing against both me and the other PCs…

I’ve also got the wider plot and stage of the game to look at. I want to base the campaign in the NeverNever, a mixture of Faerie-land and the wilds of wherever. Magic works differently there; there’s strange creatures, alien landscapes, traps and safeways and protected domains. It’s the gateway to everywhere, as long as you know your way through…this is the stage in the plotting (of a story, of a game, of a concept) where the ideas are swirling; I’ve got a lot going around. I’ve got fragments; train tracks, an Iron Road. Entropy curses. Something Wicked This Way Comes. The sort of situations that make people ask for help. Ghostly archers and King Arthur’s Knights. Potions, dark secrets, Winter logic, the Ridgeway, magical books, vampires, hunter and hunted, wizards and were-creatures and ogres and Faeries…

So it’s a canvas for a lot of thinking from me; I’ve got a bit of time before the first game and enough time to think about the characters and plot. But it’s a wonderful feeling when you have a completely blank slate, and then ideas start slotting into place on it!

Author: kate

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