Some lovely reviews

I have been trying my best to ignore reviews – not through any lack of appreciation, just that it seemed sensible to not dwell on whether people hated my book or not! I can’t change anything in it, and I was rather scared of what people think – plus, with reviews, I can’t answer anything. So I have been trying to let well alone and focus on other things.

But! But! I was alerted yesterday to the fact I have had two lovely five-star reviews!

One from Elizabeth Hull; This story is a highly original mix of a very different steampunk and alien worlds…Loved the way this played out and am looking forward to the next instalment.

And one from VMonsterGREEN SKY & SPARKS is the perfect light read if you want a little romance, a light dose of political intrigue, and big bite of adventure. I look forward to the next.

*happy author dance*

Reviews are so important, so if you have read Green Sky, please do leave (an honest!) one. Amazon can be a little reluctant with the different editions, but GoodReads is always appreciated as well 🙂