Snippet of Shadow: Protection Duty

A snippet of story from between Shadows in the Light and Ghosts in the Fog.

“Messy.” was Police Commander Paul Ridinton’s only comment when Eli had sat down in front of his desk. “Had Rachel debriefed you?”

Eli nodded.

“Got any theories as to motive? You work with the bunch of bastards that constitute the underworld in this city, so you must have some idea.”

“Lots of people hated him.” Eli said flatly. “Just…I didn’t think any of them hated him that much.” Enough to spread body parts of the man called Felix all over a warehouse, and then phone the underworld’s premier information broker to come and find it. She shivered. Whoever had done the killing really hated her, too.

Paul eyed her. “I’m sending you home with some protection overnight, and you’re to come in again tomorrow morning. You are a witness,” he added as she opened her mouth to protest, “and it’s standard practise. The others will all be sent home with someone as well, or sent to hotels. I’m assigning James to you.”

“Why James?”

“He’s no good with a gun.” Paul said dryly, flashing her a smile. “And if I know you, you won’t want someone who insists on getting in the way.”

That made her smile for the first time since she had walked into the warehouse three hours earlier. “All right.”

“Plus,” Paul added, “I trust him with where you live.”

Eli turned, one hand on the door handle. “Thanks, Paul. I’ll see you tomorrow.”