Samplers and cross-stitch

completed_sampler2Have I showed you all this sampler? Apologies for the light on Kermit – it’s currently in a frame and a faff to take out. It’s the third alphabet that I did, and I absolutely love it! I did most of the designs on my own from pictures; I think Death is my favourite, but the Luggage is rather cool too, and third is tied between Glados and Cthulu. Hobbes was the most fun to do as he’s all wonky! The central bottom panel is blank for a name if I do choose to give it to someone, but it’s currently on our wall upstairs.

I’ve also got an update on my Totoro sampler – see, grass! And some background!Totoro2

I have been working on another sampler for two lovely friends of mine who were down this weekend, so I can now put it on here (as they’ve seen bits of it). I mentioned it previously as I was doing some music, and that was quite a challenge!

HeartThe sampler’s for their wedding, so I’ve been trying to combine lots of nice stuff that they like. I wanted to add two pieces of music; All You Need Is Love by the Beatles and It Must Be Love by Madness.

I’m doing both pieces of music from sheet music (and as a plus, I have the sheet music for the piano!). I’ve finished All You Need Is Love, but I’m only halfway through It Must Be Love and thought you might like to see the process.Madness_progress

So; I’ve drawn out the basic staves in permanent marker on the plastic, and then placed the note positions over the top, including the rests and barlines. I’ve then gone over the notes with single black stitches (except for the semibreve, which actually isn’t in this picture; that’s four black lines over the top of the background). To prevent the background covering the details, I’ve also marked the barlines above and below the stave, and the rests are marked above the stave. I then fill in around the notes with white, and use black to put in the tails, barlines, rests and details.

All you need is loveIt ends up looking like this! Or at least, All You Need Is Love looks like this (and you might spot “Let’s do the time warp again” below it as well.)

So I’ve been spending this afternoon with Asterix and a cat (Benny), sewing large chunks. Backgrounds are tedious but simple, so I enjoyed having some brain power available to focus on the details, and I got a load done! It’s been lovely.



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