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Map of roman britainLookit lookit what I got! The wonderful @vicorva got it for me – I don’t know why I didn’t already have one, but I didn’t, and now I do. I am possibly in classical geek heaven, and it’s particularly wonderful because I’m using a lot of the Roman stuff for my NeverNever RPG game maps.

(On a side note, I used to travel to my Aunt’s house along Ermin Street, and it always made me smile to be able to do that. I love that the road names still exist!)roman map details

The map is the Roman Britain (Map and Guide) by the Ordnance Survey. It’s got the roads, villas, mines, old place names, tribal territories, oppidium…I am in geek heaven. I’ve been tracing old roads and working out what I can use in the modern-day, and also how everything would fit in to the mythological landscape. It’s still weird to me that the Romans walked past Stonehenge and Avebury, followed the Avenue and Cursus, stood around the burial mounds of warriors ancient to them…

By the way, some background for those who don’t know me; I did Classical Studies at Kings College London and I’m a Roman history geek. I absolutely love Roman history and might have been squeaking rather a lot a few years back when I got to visit Hadrian’s Wall…a trip to Ostia is on the cards, but for the moment I’m happy just geeking away quietly with my maps and books and pictures. I’m a Republican historian at heart (my dissertation was on Lucius Cornelius Sulla) but I’m also happy in the worlds of mythology and Empire history, plus some Persian and Greek stuff as well as Alexander the Great. I have no idea why I like it so much, though – possibly too many castles as a child?

I’ve also had two other classical geek things to keep me occupied recently. One is looking up bits of mythology for the above-mentioned game, which has been really fun. The second is Reddit’s r/AskHistorians, which has had quite a lot of classical questions recently. I’ve had to go rummaging back through my textbooks for the answers to some things – it’s been really frustrating to know “someplace in Caesar’s Gallic Wars, there’s this incident…but where…” but it has also been very satisfying to remember the incidents and details that fit the answer! I’m not an expert by any means and it has been annoying to realise I’ve lost so much knowledge, but the flip side is that it’s satisfying to be able to use it again.

Anyway, that’s my current geek squeaking!

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