Review: The Copper Promise and Sandman Slim

copper_promiseThe Copper Promise by Jen Williams.

Not your typical fantasy story! There’s gods and magic and a quest, but…whoo-ee. Let’s add a zombie, comments on the nature of individuality and self, a variety of powers and motives, a Knight who’s struggling with a lot of demons (some old, some new), a thief who’s snarky, chatty and fun, and a git with a revenge motive that’s entirely cliche but never gets in the way. Then throw in a fast-paced plot and excellent writing, and you might get why I enjoyed this book so much! The next one, The Iron Ghost, is definitely on my TBR when I have next month’s book budget.

sandman slimSandman Slim and Kill The Dead by Richard Kadrey.

Sandman Slim is, on the face of it, a revenge thriller. Bit-part magician gets chucked into hell by an ex-friend, but manages to survive – and returns. Unfortunately, while he’s been fighting demons, his girlfriend’s been murdered and his ex-friend is trying to take over the world. Throw in a wicked sense of humour, a cynical and jaded man with some nasty advantages, a supernatural world that’s got some unique twists and a plot that keeps pulling, and it’s an excellent, dark read. The characters aren’t nice, the action isn’t boring, and despite the fact the plot got wrapped up nicely I wanted to read the next one anyway.

Kill the dead - richard kadreyThe second book in the series is zombies…well, sort of. It’s also the struggles if a man wondering what to do in a world he’s not sure how to live in, wanting to keep the things that made him feared but knowing he isn’t living the life to keep them. Lucifer’s also got his own problems, which naturally end up as Stark’s problem too, and the multiple fights and factions end up weaving through the book to keep it rolling along. Stark’s always snarky, cynical and jaded, but there’s enough humanity to keep him sympathetic, and the plot twists are excellent.

The next one’s on the TBR pile too…I have to limit my book purchases, ok?

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